Ibrahim bey Usubov

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Ibrahim bey Usubov
İbrahim aga Usubov.jpg
Ibrahim bey Usubov with his family
Native name Ibrahim bəy Usubov Musa Ağa oğlu
Born (1872-03-06)March 6, 1872
Qazakh uyezd
Died June 16, 1920(1920-06-16) (aged 48)
Allegiance Imperial Russian Army, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic
Rank Major General
Commands held Brigade of 133rd Infantry Division of the Russian army
Battles/wars Russo-Japanese War, World War I

Ibrahim bey Usubov Musa Agha oglu (Azerbaijani: Ibrahim bəy Usubov Musa Ağa oğlu; March 6, 1872 - June 16, 1920) was an Azerbaijani Major General in Russian Imperial Army and Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

Early life[edit]

Ibrahim bey Usubov was born to the family of military officer, Musa Agha Usubov on March 6, 1872 in Qiraq Salahli village of Qazakh uyezd. Musa Agha who was an officer in Russian Imperial Army and received military rank of praporshchik July 2, 1839, was Deputy Chief of Muslim honour detachment and Commander in Chief of Separate Caucasian Corps prince Vorontsov. For his bravery in the battles against mountain peoples in village Dargo and Gerzel on January 28, 1845 he was awarded with Order of Saint Stanislaus of 3rd degree. On July 9, 1848 Musa Agha Usubov became the second lieutenant and on December 4, 1854 received poruchik (Lieutenant) rank.

Receiving military upbringing and discipline from his father, Ibrahim bey Usubov went to famous Constantine Artillery School. After graduation, Usubov received a rank of podporuchik and was assigned to Tambov 122nd Infantry Regiment. In 1910, he married Govher Khanum who was the youngest daughter of the Transcaucasian Mufti Mirza Husein Efendi Gayibov.

Military career[edit]

In 1904, Usubov participated in Russo-Japanese War in a rank of Stabskapitän. For courage in battle at Port Arthur Usubov was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir 4th degree and the Order of St. Stanislaus (with sword and bow) the third degree.

In later years, Usubov took a part in World War I. On October 14, 1914, battalion headed by Usubov attacked positions near the Mizinec village pushing Austrian forces back. All Austrian counterattacks lasting for three days were rebuffed by Usubov's battalion. In December 1914, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. In 1915, he was promoted to the rank of Colonel. On September 9, 1915 Usubov was decorated with the Order of Saint George 4th degree for courage in battle. In January 1917, he was appointed the Commander of the brigade of 133rd Infantry Division. On July 1, 1917 he was promoted to the Major General.

After the October Revolution in Russia Ibrahim bey Usubov took part in formation of Azerbaijan Army in Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR). The government of ADR sent Usubov to Italy for procurement of military uniforms for the army. He negotiated with companies in Genoa, Milan, Trento, Turin and Verona.

In beginning of June, 1920, Usubov was arrested by the Bolsheviks at his home. He was executed by firing squad on June 16, 1920.


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