Ibrahim of Kazan

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Ibrahim of Kazan
Khan of Kazan
Khan of Kazan
Reign 1467 - 1479
Predecessor Xälil of Kazan
Successor Ilham Ghali of Kazan
Died 1479[1]
Spouse Nur Sultan[1]

İbrahim khan (died 1479) was a ruler of the Khanate of Kazan (since 1467). He was the son of Mäxmüd. He was crowned after Xälil's death and was married to his wife Nursoltan. In 1467–1469 and 1478 he participated in wars against Muscovy. After the treaty concluded with Ivan III, all Russian prisoners of war were liberated. He was a supporter of policy of non-intervention to Muscovy's politics.


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Preceded by
Khan of Kazan
Succeeded by

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