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Ancient Bahla Walls
Ancient Bahla Walls
Ibri is located in Oman
Location in Oman
Coordinates: 23°14′11″N 56°30′16″E / 23.23639°N 56.50444°E / 23.23639; 56.50444Coordinates: 23°14′11″N 56°30′16″E / 23.23639°N 56.50444°E / 23.23639; 56.50444
Country  Oman
Region Ad Dhahirah
Population (2017)
 • Total 160,000
Time zone Oman Standard Time (UTC+4)

Ibri (Arabic: عبري‎‎) is a city in the region Az Zahirah, in northwest Oman.

Wilayat Ibri[edit]

The Wilayat of Ibri is distinguished by its archaeological landmarks including forts, castles, and towers. In 1979 the largest metal hoard in the ancient Near East came to light in ʿIbri/Selme. Also, there are the remains of the town of Bat, which is the second archaeological site to be classified by UNESCO on the list of world heritage and culture sites, after the Bahla Fort in the A’Dakhliya district. Ibri is 2 hours distance from Al Ain. It is located at a distance of 135 miles (217 km) from the capital Muscat.

Early Iron Age copper alloy pan from the hoard at Ibri/Selme


Weather in Ibri is usually hot and dry, with temperature in summers ranging from 32 to 52 °C (90 to 126 °F). From December to February the weather is relatively cooler, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 °C (50 to 68 °F).


An Omani falaj or water canal

Historically, Ibri was known for its market and for fruit.[1]


Ibri also has Ibri College of Technology (http://www.ibrict.edu.om), and a College of Applied Sciences(https://www.cas.edu.om/).

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