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Icarus are a band from London, England, who specialise in a kind of electronic drum and bass with elements of experimental jazz and rich instrumentation.[1][2][3] Formed in 1993 by Ollie Bown and Sam Britton, the band's music has been described by Kieran Hebden as "really beautiful and also quite kind of evil".[4] Hebden included an Icarus track, "Benevolent Incubator", on his Late Night Tales compilation, and Icarus also provided a remix of the Four Tet track "My Angel Rocks Back and Forth".

Icarus founded the independent label Not Applicable in 2002.



  • Kamikaze (Recordings of Substance, 1998)
  • Fijaka (Recordings of Substance, 1999)
  • Squid Ink (Output Recordings, 2001)
  • Misfits (Not Applicable, 2002)
  • Six Soviet Misfits (Temporary Residence Limited, 2003)
  • I Tweet the Birdy Electric (The Leaf Label, 2004)
  • Carnivalesque (Not Applicable, 2005)
  • Sylt (Rump Recordings, 2007)
  • Sylt Remixes (Rump Recordings, 2009)
  • All is for the Best in the Best of All Possible Worlds (Not Applicable, 2010)
  • Fake Fish Distribution (Not Applicable, 2012)


  • Moth (Recordings of Substance, 1997)
  • UL-6 (Output Recordings, 2000)
  • Soviet Igloo (Not Applicable, 2002)
  • Flensburg split EP with Badun (Not Applicable / Merry Xmas Recorders, 2011)


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