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Born 1983 - 84 (age 32–33)
Occupation Game designer at Valve Software
Notable work Defense of the Ancients
Dota 2
This article is about the game designer. For the amphibian, see Ice frog.

IceFrog is a game designer, known for being the longest-serving developer of the Warcraft III custom mod Defense of the Ancients. He is currently employed by Valve Corporation as the lead designer for Dota 2, the stand-alone sequel to the original mod, a position for which he was hired in 2009.[1] IceFrog's involvement with DotA began in 2005, when he inherited the reins of the dominant variant entitled DotA Allstars from Neichus who himself inherited it from Steve "Guinsoo" Feak.[2] IceFrog is noted for his continued anonymity, having never publicly disclosed his actual name.[3] He did however reveal that he was 25 years old on his blog on February 3, 2009.[4][non-primary source needed]


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