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Ice Age was a progressive band from New York City, USA.

Founded by guitarist Jimmy Pappas, vocalist/keyboardist Josh Pincus, drummer Hal Aponte and bassist Arron DiCesare, the band released their debut album in 1999, titled The Great Divide. Liberation followed in 2001, both on Magna Carta Records.[1]

Ice Age are influenced by pop/progressive bands such as Yes, Kansas and Rush, but also by more modern progressive metal bands like Queensrÿche, and Dream Theater.[1]

In 2006, the band officially changed their name to Soulfractured. This was accompanied by an announced shift in the band's music - less overt progressive experimentation, with closer attention paid to melodic structure and songcraft. In this incarnation the band released the Soulfractured EP, made available through the band's websites. They had previously released the Little Bird EP as Ice Age. Shortly after the second EP's release, the group disbanded.



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