Ice Blast: The Ride

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Ice Blast
Ice Blast Blackpool.jpg
Pleasure Beach Blackpool
Status Operating
Opening date 1997 (1997)
General statistics
Attraction type Space Shot
Manufacturer S&S Worldwide
Height 210 ft (64 m)
Drop 60 m (200 ft)
Speed 80 mph (130 km/h)
G-force 4.5[1]
Height restriction 52 in (132 cm)

Ice Blast (formerly Tango Ice Blast and PlayStation: The Ride!), is a S&S Worldwide drop tower ride located at Pleasure Beach Blackpool in Blackpool, England. It is named after the drink of the same name.this rid also replaced a flatride in the park called Monster.


Prior to 1997, Blackpool Pleasure Beach decided to build a Launched Freefall ride in the park. When Sony approached the park as a sponsor for the ride, it was decided that the ride would tie in with the current success from the marketing of Sony PlayStation products. Shortly after being built, the tower was painted white, with the interior structure painted red and the platform grey, black and amber, the colours associated with PlayStation. Banners advertising PlayStation were placed on the car and the top of the tower also sported the such logo. Naturally, the ride was named PlayStation: The Ride. The ride opened in the Pleasure Beach in 1997, it was the first Tower ride in the UK. In 2002, the ride was renamed Ice Blast following a new sponsor and in 2004 was named Tango Ice Blast, in conjunction with the drink of the same name. The ride is notably similar to the Lucozade Space Shot that was located in Southport Pleasureland. The ride is the tallest and fastest drop tower ride in the United Kingdom.

Ride experience[edit]

Riders are restrained using over the shoulder restraints and a seatbelt. There is a blast of air which sends the gondola to the top of the tower, this is followed by a second blast, in which the gondola reaches 2/3 of the way up the tower, there is then a small blast of air sending the gondola 1/3 of the way up the tower. During the descent, the riders might experience weightlessness for a brief second.


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