Ice Cream Cones (cereal)

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Original box of Ice Cream Cones (1987)
Reintroduction box of Ice Cream Cones (2003)
Ice Cream Jones

Ice Cream Cones was a breakfast cereal from General Mills that was created in 1987.[1][2][3][4] The cereal consisted of puffs sweetened for chocolate, vanilla or chocolate chip ice cream flavor, as well as sugar cone-shaped pieces sweetened for sugar cone flavor.[4] The cereal’s spokesperson was an animated character called Ice Cream Jones, who delivered the cereal on an old-fashioned pedal bike.

The cereal was discontinued the same year it was introduced.[3] It was shortly reintroduced in 2003 in only the chocolate chip flavor to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ice cream cone, but without Ice Cream Jones.[3][5]

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