Ice Cream Spiritual

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Ice Cream Spiritual
Studio album by Ponytail
Released June 17, 2008
Recorded 2007, Baltimore
Genre Art rock
Surf rock
Noise pop
Length 33:58
Label We Are Free
Ponytail chronology
Ice Cream Spiritual
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars link
BBC (positive) link
Blender 4/5 stars link
Drowned in Sound 7/10 stars link
MSN 4.5/5 stars link
Pitchfork Media (8.4/10) link
Spin 3.5/5 stars link
Tiny Mix Tapes 3.5/5 stars link
Twisted Ear 4.5/5 stars link
JustPressPlay 9/10 stars link

Ice Cream Spiritual is the second full-length studio album by Ponytail. The album, which was released June 17, 2008[1] has been both praised and criticized for the vocal styles of leader singer Molly Siegel,[2] as she doesn't use conventional lyrics. The guitar work has drawn comparisons to math rock bands, while the vocals have drawn comparisons to Yoko Ono, for their experimental sound.[3] The first single from the album was "Celebrate the Body Electric", which was released on April 29, 2008.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Jeremy Hyman, Ken Seeno, Molly Siegel, and Dustin Wong.

  1. "Beg Waves" - 4:07
  2. "G Shock" - 3:02
  3. "7 Souls" - 3:46
  4. "Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came from an Angel)" - 7:00
  5. "Late for School" - 4:16
  6. "Sky Drool" - 3:28
  7. "Small Wevs" - 3:30
  8. "Die Allman Bruder" - 4:49


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