Ice Creamusume

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Ice Creamusume
Background information
Also known as Bing Qi Lin Shao Nu Zu (Official Chinese name)
Origin Taiwan
Genres Pop
Years active 2008–2010
Labels Forward Music
Associated acts Hello! Project
Website Hello! Official website
Members Wu Si-hsuan
Chung An-chi
Tseng Te-ping
Chao Kuo-jung
Chiu Tsui-ling
Ku Yun

Ice Creamusume (Japanese: アイスクリー娘。 Aisu Kuriimusume., Chinese: 冰淇淋少女組。 Bing Qi Lin Shao Nu Zu.) was an all-girl pop group from Taiwan. They were a part of the Japanese idol group Hello! Project which is the collective of artists under contract to Up-Front Group.


Ice Creamusume was formed from the winners of the Taiwan Hello! Project New Star Auditions, an audition aimed at recruiting new Taiwanese members to join Hello! Project[1][2] in order to continue its expansion into Asia, similar to act of recruiting Chinese Morning Musume members Li Chun and Qian Lin. The auditions started in 2007 and the winners were announced in September 2008.

Due to the girls being Taiwanese (speaking Chinese) and being a group based in Japan, they sing in a mixture of Japanese and Chinese.


As the winners were announced, they travelled to Japan to undertake singing and dancing lessons and began recording their first mini-album. The music video for "Lian Ai Deng Chang" (戀愛登場, "Love Debut"), the first track on the album, was released in Taiwan on New Year's Eve.


On January 9, Ice Creamusume released their first mini-album 1st Best! in Taiwan, while it was released in Japan on January 18. Morning Musume's 11th single "Ren'ai Revolution 21" (恋愛レボリューション21, "Love Revolution 21") is one of the songs in the album under the title of "Lian Ai Ge Ming 21" (戀愛革命21) as well as other songs from Morning Musume. There is only one original track on the album — "Lian Ai Deng Chang" (戀愛登場).

Ice Creamusume made their concert debut at the Hello Pro Awards '09: Elder Club Graduation Commemoration Special concert, performing Debut! The Corner Of Love Will Bring The Best Luck (Japanese Version).

Four of the Ice Creamusume members (Wu Si-hsuan, Chung An-chi, Chao Kuo-jung and Chiu Tsui-ling) appeared and performed at the Hello! Project Concert 2009 Summer: Hello! Champloo concert, performing Debut! The Corner Of Love Will Bring The Best Luck (Japanese Version) with Morning Musume's Li Chun (JunJun) and Qian Lin (LinLin) filling in for Tseng Te-ping and Ku Yun.


In November, Ice Creamusume was taken off of the official Hello!Project artists site, officially withdrawing from Hello!Project.


The members' names, as well as their Japanese stage names, are listed along with the flavour of ice cream they represent within the group.



# Title Release date Album type
1 1st Best!
(1st 最棒!, Chinese: 1st Zui Bang!, Japanese: 1st Saikō!)
January 9, 2009 (Taiwan)
January 18, 2009 (Japan)


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