Ice District

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Ice District
Mixed-use sports and entertainment district
Ice District is located in Edmonton
Ice District
Ice District
Location of Ice District in Edmonton
Coordinates: 53°32′43″N 113°29′48″W / 53.5454°N 113.4966°W / 53.5454; -113.4966Coordinates: 53°32′43″N 113°29′48″W / 53.5454°N 113.4966°W / 53.5454; -113.4966
Country Canada
Province Alberta
City Edmonton
Quadrant NW
Ward 6
Neighbourhoods Downtown and Central McDougall
 • Mayor Don Iveson
 • Administrative body Edmonton City Council
 • Councillor Scott McKeen

Ice District is a $2.5 billion mixed-use sports and entertainment district being developed on 10 hectares (25 acres) of land in Downtown Edmonton, Alberta. When completed it will be Canada's largest mixed-use and entertainment district.[1][2] The developers of the district are the Katz Group[3] and the ONE Development Group.[4][5] On July 13, 2015, it was announced that the area of the city surrounding the arena from 101 and 104 Street to 103 and 106 Avenue would be referred to as "Ice District" – a name created by Daryl Katz.[6][7]

Landmarks and attractions[edit]

Rogers Place[edit]

Construction around Rogers Place in July 2017

Rogers Place, the home arena for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League, is the main attraction of the district. Opened on September 8, 2016, it seats 18,500 people for hockey games.[8] The cost of the arena is expected to be $480 million.[9]

Ford Hall[edit]

The winter garden, named Ford Hall, is a 4,200-square-metre (45,000 sq ft), climate-controlled facility, that spans 104 Avenue. It is a public gathering space and connects the Edmonton LRT with the grand entrance of Rogers Place.[citation needed] There will also be a pedway connection to the new JW Marriott hotel. It opened on September 8, 2016, at a cost of $56.5 million.[10]

Public plaza[edit]

There will be a 4,600-square-metre (50,000 sq ft) public plaza.[11]

Community arena[edit]

The Edmonton Downtown Community Arena will be the home arena of the MacEwan University Griffins hockey teams, and will host practices for the Oilers and the Edmonton Oil Kings of the Western Hockey League. It will have a seating capacity of 1000.[12]

Grand Villa Casino Edmonton[edit]

Formerly known as the Baccarat Casino, it relocated into a new 11,600-square-metre (125,000 sq ft) facility next to Rogers Place. It opened on September 7, 2016.[13]

Public transportation[edit]


The Edmonton Pedway will be expanded with additions to Edmonton Tower, Stantec Tower, hotel, and arena, linking them to the existing system by above surface, and underground pedways.[14][15]

Parking facilities[edit]

With the new development about 4,000 new parking spaces will be created.[16] As well there will be 5,000–10,000 within a 5-to-10-minute walk from the arena and public plaza.[17] Major roads include 104 Avenue, 101 Street, and 105 Street.


The district's main public transportation is handled through the Edmonton Transit Service bus routes (ETS) and Edmonton Light Rail Transit (LRT).[18] The main LRT station is MacEwan station, located just north of Rogers Place.[19] With the pedway system additions, four LRT stations will have direct access; this includes MacEwan, Bay/Enterprise, Central, and Churchill stations. A number of Strathcona County Transit and St. Albert Transit bus routes also serve the district.[18][20]

Office and residential towers[edit]

Construction in July 2017

Two new office buildings will be built in the district and a hotel with private residences above along with another residential tower. The City of Edmonton Tower with 29 floors and a height of 129.8 metres (426 ft) is expected to be opened in fall 2016, with construction coming to an end in 2017.[21][22] Stantec Tower will have 66 or 67 floors and a height of 250.8 metres (823 ft).[23][24] The combined JW Marriott Edmonton Ice District & Residences[25] will have 55 floors and a height of 192.15 metres (630.4 ft),[26] expected to be completed in late 2018.[27]

Stantec Tower[edit]

Stantec Tower, the new headquarters of Stantec, will be the tallest building in Edmonton, and the tallest building west of Toronto at a height of 250.8 metres (823 ft).[23][23][28] Thirty-three storeys will be for residential units.[23][29]

Edmonton Tower[edit]

Edmonton Tower, topped out and nearly complete exterior glass panes, in September 2016

The Edmonton Tower[22] is a 29-storey 129.84-metre (426.0 ft) tall, office building in the Ice District area of Edmonton. It was topped-out in early spring 2016, and completed in December 2016. City of Edmonton staff began moving to the tower in November 2016.[30][21][22] It is Edmonton's fifth tallest building.[31]

JW Marriott Edmonton & Residences[edit]

Construction of the JW Marriott Edmonton Ice District & Residences is expected to be complete in 2018. The 356-room hotel component, occupying the 1st through 22nd floors, will be operated by JW Marriott Hotels.[25] It will have 2,300 square metres (25,000 sq ft) for conference halls and a 930-square-metre (10,000 sq ft) ballroom.[32] This will be the third hotel of this brand in Canada.[27] Residential condominiums known as the Legends Private Residences will occupy the 23rd through 54th floors[25][33] above the hotel.[25]

Ice District Tower B[edit]

Ice District Tower B is an under construction mixed-use tower in the Ice District. It will sit at 104 Avenue and 103 Street and be 47 storeys tall at 160.0 metres (524.9 ft), and is expected to be completed by 2020.[34][35]

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