Ice Hockey Federation of Armenia

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Association nameIce Hockey Federation of Armenia
IIHF membershipSeptember 22, 1999
PresidentHayk Jaghatspanyan
IIHF men's ranking45

Ice Hockey Federation of Armenia (sometimes called the Armenian Ice Hockey Federation) is the Armenian national ice hockey federation. It is based in Yerevan. The president Hayk Jaghatspanyan is also the contact person for the Armenian National Federation of Bandy.[1]

In 2003, Armenian players did not participate in the IIHF World Championship Division III because the Ice Hockey Federation of Armenia was unable to obtain visas to gain entry into New Zealand for this event.[2] On May 22, 2010, the IIHF announced that Armenia was suspended due to eligibility issues at the 2010 Division III World Championship. A final decision will be taken as soon as the investigation is fully completed.[3]


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