Ice Lake (microarchitecture)

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Ice Lake
Transistors 10 nm transistors
Architecture x86-64
Instructions x86-64, Intel 64
Predecessor Desktop: Coffee Lake
Mobile: Whiskey Lake (3rd Optimization) [1][2]
Mobile: Cannon Lake (Process)
Server: Cooper Lake (2nd Optimization)
Successor Tiger Lake (Optimization)

Ice Lake is the Intel CPU microarchitecture based on the 10 nm node that is expected to replace Coffee Lake, Whiskey Lake, Amber Lake and Cannon Lake[1][2] in 2020.[3] Ice Lake will be produced on the second generation of Intel's 10nm process (10 nm+).[2] It is Intel's 2nd microarchitecture to be produced on the 10 nm node, after Cannon Lake.[4][5][6] It is expected that Ice Lake will have in-silicon mitigations for the Meltdown and Spectre hardware vulnerabilities.[7]

The Power Stamp Alliance released some information about Ice Lake hardware and packaging in April 2018.[8]


  • 10 nm+ transistors
  • Gen 11 GPU

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