Ice Peak

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Ice Peak
Highest point
Elevation2,526 m (8,287 ft) [1]
Prominence56 m (184 ft) [1]
Parent peakMount Edziza
Coordinates57°41′26″N 130°38′08″W / 57.69056°N 130.63556°W / 57.69056; -130.63556Coordinates: 57°41′26″N 130°38′08″W / 57.69056°N 130.63556°W / 57.69056; -130.63556[2]
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Parent rangeTahltan Highland
Topo mapNTS 104G/10
Age of rockPleistocene
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Volcanic beltNorthern Cordilleran Volcanic Province[3]
Last eruptionHolocene

Ice Peak is a stratovolcano, located 39 km (24 mi) west of Tatogga and 3 km (2 mi) south of Mount Edziza, British Columbia, Canada. It overlaps the 7.5-million-year-old Armadillo Peak. It lies on a large volcanic plateau, which is made of basaltic lava flows from the massive Mount Edziza volcanic complex. Ice Peak last erupted during the Holocene.[3]

The summit of Ice Peak is a remnant of the western rim of a small summit caldera, which has been nearly destroyed by alpine glaciation.

Ice Peak gets name because it is almost completely surrounded by glaciers.

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