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Ice Quake
Written by David Ray
Directed by Paul Ziller
Starring Brendan Fehr
Holly Dignard
Jodelle Ferland
Ryan Grantham
Rob LaBelle
Music by Michael Neilson
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Josee Bernard
Tom Berry
Lisa M. Hansen
Paul Hertzberg
John Prince
Cinematography Anthony C. Metschie
Editor(s) Christopher A. Smith
Running time 91 minutes
Production company(s) Quake Productions
Distributor Cinetel Films
Original network Syfy
Original release December 10, 2010 (2010-12-10)

Ice Quake is a 2010 television action film written by David Ray and directed by Paul Ziller and shown on the Syfy channel.[1] It stars a reputable cast including Brendan Fehr, Holly Dignard, Jodelle Ferland, Ryan Grantham and Rob LaBelle.

The screenplay delves into the possible outcome of an apocalyptic situation. Set primarily in Alaska, the film follows the members of a family caught amidst a natural disaster and their struggles to save their lives. Under the tranquil Alaskan skies, circumstances beyond anyone's control are about to change the planet's future. As the permafrost thaws, subterranean rivers of liquid methane and disastrous earthquakes are unleashed, threatening to lead the Earth to a catastrophic end.


The film adopts a linear plot.

Ice Quake is an action film about the Alaskan landscape, where there is a great threat that is going to affect the beautiful and gentle scenery. Under the permafrost, organic materials have been rotting for thousands of years and the compound is very deadly to the planet. As the permafrost thaws, underground volatile liquid methane and gases are created which causes a succession of violent and very destructive earthquakes. A family ends up going to this Alaskan landscape on the hunt for a Christmas tree, hoping to have fun, and unfortunately finds out firsthand how deadly this can be.

As they are exploring these mountains, their dog runs away for an unknown reason and soon after there is an explosion of gas from underneath the ice that ends up causing an avalanche. The family has to run for their lives. The father takes charge and tries to lead them to safety when suddenly another tremor occurs. This time, it causes the ground to split open, creating a deep ravine dividing the family apart - the parents on one side and two children on the other. They cannot group back together as there is dangerous gas flowing out the ravine so the father tell them to go to the summit and wait for rescue. The children head up to top to then find out there is a storm on their way causing more concern. The younger brother suggests they keep moving until they can stop at a safe place

As this chaos is going on, the military based around the mountain are investigating the tremors. At first believed the tremors were being caused by earthquakes but then discover that there have been no tectonic movements and nothing has showed on the Richter scale. They then thought it could have been a volcano eruption causing this but also ends up to be false. It is a race against time to stop these harmful liquids and gases before it leads to a catastrophic explosion that threatens the planet.[1]


Ice Quake is the Syfy Cable television company's own holiday TV movie production. The recording of the movie took place in three different locations.

In the production and post-production other companies helped with Syfy's work. Movie Central was one of the main companies that helped with this production of this film. Northwest Digital worked with the production teamto create a quality visual experience, along with The Exile Visual Effects Studio who provided the visual effects to create the perfect atmosphere for a holiday disaster. Pinewood Sounds was in charge of the movie's sound effects and recording.

Characters and Casting[edit]


  • Michael Webster, played by Brendan Fehr,[2] is a loving husband, father and a scientist studying the effects of the Alaska landscape.[1] He is a geologist who works for the Military and is a specialist in his field. He is also the husband of Emily and the father of two children, namely Tia and Shane.
  • Emily Webster, played by Holly Dignard,[2] is the beautiful wife of Michael and the loving mother of Tia and Shane.
  • Colonel Bill Hughes, played by Victor Garber,[2] is Michael's superior in the Military, and works with Michael and his family to prevent a methane explosion from wiping out planet Earth.
  • Tia Webster, played by Jodelle Ferland,[2] is the teenage daughter of Michael and Emily and the sister of Shane.
  • Shane Webster, played by Ryan Grantham,[2] is the young son of Michael and Emily, and the brother of Tia.
  • Bruce Worthington, played by Rob LaBelle[2]
  • Ram, played by Nicholas Carrella[3]


The movie has two credited soundtracks. As a holiday TV movie both of the songs are traditional Christmas carols. In the movie, we can listen to them as a performance by the Occidental Glee Club.

Standard listing[edit]

1."Joy To the World"George Frideric Handel, Isaac Watts 
2."Here We Come a-Wassailing"Traditional Christmas carol 


The film's opening scenes has been mentioned in many reviews due to their weird nature:

"The opening of the movie (and first couple of deaths) has a man for no reason at all doing geological research dressed in full Santa gear. Cue Santa to then get blown up in an ice geyser. It’s not as great as it sounds I’m afraid but it’s certainly a startling opening." [4]

"The opening of "Ice Quake" is either going to make you smile or grimace as we see Santa on a snowmobile! It turns out Santa is actually party of a military geologist team who was meant to be playing Santa at a community event but has had to head up to the mountain to place some sensors with another man. But there is more because lo and behold a crack forms in the snow between them, something which you may have seen in a ton of other disaster movies but we get a bit of a switch up on the obvious, a frankly predictable one as one of the men leaps across the crevice. The thing is that these opening scenes are indicative of "Ice Quake" as the movie is predictable but with some entertaining twists." [5] From a film-lover's point of view, the movie has received mixed ratings:

"Ice Quake isn’t quite the disaster of a movie compared with other Syfy made-for-TV movies but it’s still not very good. It was more interesting to see Victor Garber’s lack of interest than even those whom seemed to actually try. The Blu-ray doesn’t have much to offer with average video and audio transfers."[6]

"Drastic shifts in the Alaskan permafrost have begun to cause earth-shattering quakes and ice geysers, trapping an archaeologist and his family out in the cold during their winter retreat. For what it is, ICE QUAKE stacks up against other low-budget, made-for-television disaster pictures like ARCTIC BLAST or METEOR STORM in delivering cheap thrills and moderate effects on a meager budget. Disaster is always the operative term here, since the plot inconsistencies, stagnant characters, and poor computerization have become characteristic of the genre, but director Paul Ziller has done everything he can to try and make this passable entertainment. The sequence of events are predictable and contrived as always, but this keeps the action moving at a decent pace throughout. TV's Brendan Fehr and Victor Garber both do what they can to attach some emotionality to the characters. These low-budget mockbusters wouldn't continue to be made if there was not already a built-in audience, so fans of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW or ARCTIC BLAST should enjoy!"[7]


Ice Quake has not received any notable awards or nominations.[8]


Ice Quake was first shown on the Syfy channel on 11 December 2010 in USA[3] and was released on DVD on 2 July 2012.[1] Since then it has been shown on television and released on DVD in numerous countries including the UK, Germany and Italy.[1] It has also been released on Blu-ray. On Amazon you can buy Ice Quake on DVD for £3.00 or on Blu-ray for £6.00.


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