Icefloe Lake

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Icefloe Lake
Location Grand Teton National Park, Teton County, Wyoming, US
Coordinates 43°43′36″N 110°49′24″W / 43.72667°N 110.82333°W / 43.72667; -110.82333Coordinates: 43°43′36″N 110°49′24″W / 43.72667°N 110.82333°W / 43.72667; -110.82333[1]
Lake type Glacial lake
Basin countries United States
Max. length 450 yd (410 m)
Max. width 280 yd (260 m)
Surface elevation 10,652 ft (3,247 m)[1]

Icefloe Lake is located in Grand Teton National Park, in the U. S. state of Wyoming.[2] Icefloe Lake is .50 miles (0.80 km) west of Middle Teton and the same distance from South Teton to the SSE. Due to a being situated at high altitude, Icefloe Lake is only free of ice in late summer.


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