Iceland (album)

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EP by All About Eve
Released 2 December 2002
Genre Alternative rock, gothic rock, dark wave, Christmas
Label JamTart
Producer Andy Cousin and Julianne Regan
All About Eve chronology
Return to Eden - Volume 1

Iceland is an EP released by All About Eve in 2002. It was described mainly as a winter (rather than specifically Christmas) EP, although five out of seven of the songs do contain references to Christmas or are songs particularly connected with it.

Only Melting and Cold are new All About Eve-penned songs. "Last Christmas" is a cover of the Wham! song and "A Winter's Tale" is a cover of the Queen song. The two versions of "December" are takes on the original All About Eve song (as found on their second album Scarlet and Other Stories) and Walking in the Air is a radical re-working of the song made famous as theme music to The Snowman.

This album was made (and the songs performed) by Julianne Regan and Andy Cousin only, and did not include Robin Guy or Toni Haimi, the other band members at the time.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Last Christmas" (4.20)
  2. "Walking in the Air" (4.34)
  3. "December Revisited" (7.01)
  4. "Melting" (4.48)
  5. "Cold" (7.06)
  6. "A Winter's Tale" (3.42)
  7. "December (Amnesia Mix)" (6.29)

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