Icelandic Basketball Federation

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Körfuknattleikssamband Íslands
Icelandic Basketball Federation logo.gif
Sport Basketball
Founded 1961
CEO Hannes S. Jónsson
Country Iceland Iceland
Official website

The Icelandic Basketball Federation (Icelandic:Körfuknattleikssamband Íslands - KKÍ) is the national governing body of basketball in Iceland.

The Icelandic Basketball Federation is a member of the continental association FIBA Europe and the global International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

The organisation is responsible for the Icelandic national basketball team (men's), women's and youth national basketball teams.

It was founded in 1961 and its first president was Bogi Þorsteinsson, but current president is Hannes Sigurbjörn Jónsson

Men’s leagues 2011-12[edit]

Premier league men (Icelandic: Domino'sdeild karla)

1. division (Icelandic: 1. deild karla)

2. division (Icelandic: 2. deild karla)

Women’s leagues 2011-12[edit]

Premier league women (Icelandic: Domino'sdeild kvenna)

1. division (Icelandic: 1. deild kvenna)

National team[edit]