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The Icelandic football league system is a series of interconnected leagues for club football in Iceland.[1] As of 2013 a fifth level was added to the previous format of four levels.[2] As of 2017 there are 79 participating teams in the football league.

The system[edit]

Below shows how the current system, as of 2017, works. For each division, its English name, official name or sponsorship name (which often differs radically from its official name) and number of clubs is given. Each division promotes to the division(s) that lie directly above them and relegates to the division(s) that lie directly below them.

Fourth Division playoffs[edit]

Only two teams are promoted from 4. deild (Fourth Division). The top two teams from each group play in a knock-out competition (played home and away) with the final being one match determining the Division 4 champions. Both finalists are promoted to 3. deild. The two teams relegated from 3. deild take a place in 4. deild, in one of four groups. The groups can change from year to year based on the number of teams. KSÍ (the FA) attempts to distribute the teams evenly between groups.


League(s) / Division(s)


Icelandic Premier League
Pepsi-deildin - (Nationwide League)
12 clubs


Icelandic First Division
Inkassodeildin - (Nationwide League)
12 clubs


Icelandic Second Division
2. deild karla - (Nationwide League)
12 clubs


Icelandic Third Division
3. deild karla - (Nationwide League)
10 clubs


Icelandic Fourth Division Group A
4. deild karla - (Nationwide League)
8 clubs

Icelandic Fourth Division Group B
4. deild karla - (Nationwide League)
9 clubs

Icelandic Fourth Division Group C
4. deild karla - (Nationwide League)
8 clubs

Icelandic Fourth Division Group D
4. deild karla - (Nationwide League)
8 clubs

Cup competitions[edit]

Clubs at all five levels are eligible for cup competitions.


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