2014 Icelandic municipal elections

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2014 Icelandic municipal elections

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Municipal elections took place in Iceland on 31 May 2014. 66% of eligible voters cast votes, the lowest proportion since Iceland gained independence.[1]

As part of a pledge, Mayor Jón Gnarr's Best Party did not participate in the election and was dissolved after the election was held.[2]



Independence Party120+3
Progressive Party56+5
Social Democratic Alliance35-7
Bright Future11New
Left-Green Movement9-6
Pirate Party1+1
Liberal Party0-1
Other party lists178-14
Source: Statistics Iceland, Statistics Iceland

Results in Reykjavík[edit]

Social Democratic Alliance17,42631.895+2
Independence Party14,03125.684–1
Bright Future8,53915.632New
Progressive Party5,86510.732+2
Left-Green Movement4,5538.3310
Pirate Party3,2385.931New
People's Front of Iceland2190.400New
Valid votes54,64596.04
Invalid/blank votes2,2513.96
Total votes56,896100.00
Source: Visir

In total, 56,896 votes were cast. Of these, 2,024 were blank and 227 were invalid.

On 11 June 2014, a coalition was announced of the Social Democrats, Bright Future, the Left-Greens, and the Pirate Party. Dagur B. Eggertsson, of the Social Democrats, became the new mayor, while the Left-Green councillor Sóley Tómasdóttir became president of the city council and Sigurður Björn Blöndal of Bright Future became the city council chairperson.[3] The coalition did not invite Progressive Party councillors onto the city’s councils and committees, with Sóley Tómasdóttir saying that the party was not “suitable” for the jobs; this has been taken partly to relate to the councillors' opposition to the Reykjavík Mosque.[4]


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