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Iceman often refers to:

Iceman, The Iceman, Ice Man, or Ice Men may also refer to:


  • The Iceman (nickname), a list
  • alias of Max Butler (born 1972), American cyber criminal
  • alias of Wim Hof (born 1959), a Dutch daredevil known for his resistance to cold
  • alias of Richard Kuklinski (1935–2006), American serial killer
  • a ring name of Jeff Hardy (born 1977), American professional wrestler
  • a ring name of Chuck Liddell (born 1969), American retired mixed martial arts fighter
  • a ring name of Dean Malenko (born 1960), American retired professional wrestler
  • a ring name of King Parsons (born 1950), American professional wrestler
  • Iceman John Scully, a ring name of John Scully (born 1967), American professional boxer
  • Minnesota Iceman, a purported man-like "missing link" frozen in ice and displayed in and around Minnesota in the 1960s
  • Ötzi, the oldest known mummy, also called Ötzi the Iceman
  • Kwäday Dän Ts’ìnchi, the oldest preserved human remains found in North America, also known as the Canadian Ice Man


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