Ichak Adizes

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Ichak Adizes
OccupationManagement consultant and researcher
TitleFounder of the Adizes Institute

Ichak Adizes is a Macedonian born management researcher. He is the founder of the Adizes Institute and a former professor, and author of books including The Ideal Executive.

Business career[edit]

Ichak Adizes was born in Macedonia.[1] He is the founder of the Adizes Institute, which has offices in 22 countries, consulting with governments and corporations. The Institute is based in Santa Barbara, California.[1] He has also served as a professor at UCLA.[2] In 2017 Adizes was named to the Board of Directors for CopPay.[3]


As a researcher, he analyzes the psychology of managers.[4] Adizes developed the “Corporate Life Cycle” model, which describes the development of a business as having five stages: courtship, infancy, “go-go”, adolescent, and prime.[5] He also developed the PAEI model, an acronym standing for Producer, Administrator, Entrepreneur, and Integrator. These are four different talents, all required for a business to succeed, but which are not held by one single person.[6] The model was elaborated in his book The Ideal Executive.[7] He has also researched how best to manage government during political changes.[8]

He also developed concepts including “democraship”, a situation in which a group of leaders develops policy decisions democratically, but then implements dictatorially;[9] and the concept of “Founder’s Trap”.[10]


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