Coordinates: 31°34′0″N 74°18′58″E / 31.56667°N 74.31611°E / 31.56667; 74.31611
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Country Pakistan
Administrative townSamanabad Zone
Union council100
 • TypeUnion Council
A view of the Ichhra Bazaar (Market) at night.
A view of the Ferozpur Road near Ichhra Bazaar.

Ichhra (Punjabi, Urdu: اچھرہ) is a residential and commercial area in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.[1][2]

Being a very old locality, some very old buildings can be seen in Ichhra.[1] It is noted for its Ichhra Bazaar, among the most economical markets of Lahore.[3] This market is known for its traditional and cultural dresses and other handicrafts supplied from all over Punjab, as well as its furniture selection. There is a large Christian community living in Ichhra.[3]

There are many healthcare centers and hospitals in Ichhra. Ichhra forms Union Council (UC 100), and is administered as part of Samanabad Tehsil.

In 1931, Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi known as Allama Mashriqi, launched his Khaksar movement from Icchra (Ichhra) and in 1963, upon his death, Mashriqi was buried here.[4][5]


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31°34′0″N 74°18′58″E / 31.56667°N 74.31611°E / 31.56667; 74.31611