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A view of the Ichhra Bazaar (Market) at night.
A view of the Ferozpur Road near Ichhra Bazaar.

Ichhra is a commercial and residential area in Lahore, Pakistan. Ichhra is located on Ferozpur Road between Gulberg, Mozang and the Old City. Being a very old locality, some very old buildings can be seen in Ichhra. It is noted for its Ichhra Bazaar, among the most economical markets of Lahore.[1] This market is known for its traditional and cultural dresses and other handicrafts supplied from all over Punjab, as well as its furniture selection. There is a large Christian community living in Ichhra.


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Coordinates: 31°34′0″N 74°18′58″E / 31.56667°N 74.31611°E / 31.56667; 74.31611