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Ichibata Electric Railway Co., Ltd. is the name of two related, yet different companies in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Ichibata Denki Tetsudō Kabushiki-gaisha (一畑電気鉄道株式会社?) was a railway operator until 2006, when it became a holding company of the Ichibata Group, spinning off its railway division to the newly founded Ichibata Densha Kabushiki-gaisha (一畑電車株式会社?). Although the two have different names in Japanese, their official English names are identical.

Rolling stock[edit]

1000 series[edit]

In 2014, four former Tokyu 1000 series intermediate cars (1453, 1403, 1455, and 1405) were resold to the Ichibata Electric Railway, and reformed as two-car 1000 series sets with the addition of new cab ends.[2] These entered service on 9 February 2015.[3]


Designation Mc Tc
Numbering DeHa 100x KuHa 110x

Car identities[edit]

The former identities of the fleet are as shown below.[2]

Set No. Car No. Tokyu numbering
1001 DeHa 1001 DeHa 1405
KuHa 1101 DeHa 1455
1002 DeHa 1002 DeHa 1403
KuHa 1102 DeHa 1453


Kita Matsue Line[edit]

The Ichibata Light Railway opened the Dentetsu Izumo-shi to Unshuhirata section in 1914, and extended the line to Ichibata the following year. The line was electrified in 1927 at 1,500 V DC, and extended to Matsue Shinji-ko Onsen (33.9 km from Dentetsu Izumo-shi) the following year. CTC signalling was commissioned in 1966, and freight services ceased in 1973. Dentetsu Izumo-shi Station is adjacent to Izumo-shi Station on the Sanin Main Line owned by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). Part of the Kita Matsue Line is adjacent to Lake Shinji.

Taisha Line[edit]

The 8.3 km line from Kawato Station (on the Kita Matsue Line) to Izumo Taisha-mae opened in 1930, electrified at 1,500 V DC. CTC signalling was commissioned in 1966.

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