Ichijō Norifusa

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Ichijō Norifusa (一条 教房?, 1423 – November 6, 1480), son of regent Kaneyoshi, was a kugyō or Japanese court noble of the Muromachi period (1336–1573). He held a regent position kampaku from 1458 to 1463. In 1475 to escape unrest in Kyoto he moved to Tosa Province, founding the Tosa-Ichijō clan.[1] He eventually returned to Kyoto, but his son Fusaie stayed in the province.


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  1. ^ ja:土佐一条氏 and ja:一条房家; about Tosa-Ichijō, since Fusaie (房家) is noted as the "second" head of the clan, stating Norifusa is its founding father is probably correct. In any rate, Tosa-Ichijō clan should clarify this matter.