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ICHIJO Homes, an affiliate company of CO.,LTD. in Japan, is a home builder based in Sydney, Australia. They build modular energy efficient homes, where their prefabricated wall panels come from off-shore factory in a container, and uses a crane to place the panels onto the foundation, reducing the construction time and increasing the accuracy of the home for less air leakage. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Ichijo Homes was first founded in Japan in 1978, expanding its operation and establishing Ichijo Homes in 2010 in St Leonard, NSW. In May 2011 the company had moved its office due to increasing capacity to the current location in Kings Park, NSW. Display Homes • Their first display home in Australia was built in Homeworld Kellyville in September 2011 • In September 2012, two display homes were opened to public in Homeworld Gledswood Hills • In August 2013, three new display homes were opened to public in Homeworld Kellyville


Ichijo Homes offers three different building methods, which are categorized by number of energy efficiency NatHERS stars that each building methods can achieve. Their 8 star series is the highest range, where their wall systems are manufactured off-shore in a modular manner.

  • 2012 HIA CSR NSW Housing and Kitchen Awards:
    • Display home over $450,001 – Finalist
    • Kitchen In A Display Home – Finalist
    • GreenSmart Energy Efficiency - Finalist
  • 2012 HIA CSSR NSW Housing and Kitchen Awards- Greensmart Energy Efficieny Category – Finalist
  • 2013 HIA GreenSmart Award - GreenSmart Display Home category – Finalist
  • 2012 HIA GreenSmart Award - GreenSmart Display Home category – Finalist


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