Icknield Port Loop

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Icknield Port Loop
BCN Rotton Park Junction.jpg
Rotton Park Junction — the Icknield Port Loop runs through the bridge to the left
Maximum height above sea level 453 ft (138 m)
(Birmingham Level)
Status Open
Navigation authority Canal and River Trust
Date completed 1769 (1769)
Fingerpost at Rotton Park Junction on the New Main Line crossroads showing the Old Main Line loops left and right)

The Icknield Port Loop (originally the Rotton Park Loop)[1] is a 0.6-mile (1 km) loop of the eighteenth-century-built Old BCN Main Line canal in Birmingham, England, about 2 miles (3 km) west of the city centre, which opened to traffic on 6 November 1769 and in some definitions includes its straighter bypass built in September 1827, a 550-yard (500 m) section of the New BCN Main Line.[1] Most of the 56 acres (23 ha) of land thereby enclosed is derelict meaning the canal serves the Canal & River Trust (British Waterways) maintenance depot at Icknield Port and conveys water from Edgbaston Reservoir to the BCN Main Line. The enclosed land has no pedestrian or vehicular access. Icknield Port (Loop) takes its name from the Roman Icknield Street which passed nearby, the exact route of which is unknown.

The canal maintenance depot below the reservoir dam

The Canal & River Trust (formerly British Waterways) depot with its buildings and crane are Grade II listed buildings.[2][3][4][5][6]

Redevelopment plan[edit]

Birmingham City Council has plans for the regeneration of the area, including moorings, 1,150 new homes, shops, park and playground, and a ten-storey hotel.[7][8]

Point Coordinates
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OS Grid Ref Notes
Sandy Turn Junction 52°28′58″N 1°55′33″W / 52.4827°N 1.9259°W / 52.4827; -1.9259 (Sandy Turn Junction) SP050872 BCN Old and New Lines meet
Icknield Port 52°28′52″N 1°55′59″W / 52.4810°N 1.9330°W / 52.4810; -1.9330 (Icknield Port) SP046870 Canals and Rivers Trust maintenance depot
Feed in from Edgbaston (Rotton Park) Reservoir 52°28′53″N 1°55′59″W / 52.48129°N 1.93308°W / 52.48129; -1.93308 (Feed in from Edgbaston (Rotton Park) Reservoir) SP045870
Rotton Park Junction 52°29′03″N 1°55′45″W / 52.4843°N 1.9291°W / 52.4843; -1.9291 (Rotton Park Junction) SP048874 BCN Old and New Lines cross

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Coordinates: 52°28′52″N 1°55′59″W / 52.4810°N 1.9330°W / 52.4810; -1.9330