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Iconicles is a live action/animated British television series aired on CBeebies, released in Latin America by Discovery Kids since June 2012.


The series tells of a boy named Nat (Gavin Stenhouse) who invents an amazing display, the Iconi-Screen, that allows him to communicate with animated animals in various settings, such as a farm, the sea, a jungle, and a forest. The animals are called "Iconicles". In every episode Nat has a problem and is helped to solve it by an Iconicle, who jumps out of the Iconi-Screen to enter the real world and interact with Nat. At some point in every episode, there is a game with questions and answers based on what happened with some of the Iconicles.[1] The series uses Flash Animation for the animated segments, and the main Iconicles come in real life using CGI Animation.


The most prominent Iconicles are:

  • Splish and Splash: Twin polar bears who are curious and always looking to have fun.
  • Skitter: a friendly squirrel who loves to collect acorns.
  • Miss Moo: a cow who has strict rules to keep everything tidy, but is very humble.
  • Rumple: a grumpy rhino who actually has a big heart for others. [2]


Character Actor
Nat Gavin Stenhouse
Miss Moo Helen Lederer
Rumple Toby Williams