Icono Tower

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Icono Tower
Ícono Paraguay.jpg
View of Icono in 2012
General information
Type Residential
Location Asuncion, Paraguay
Coordinates 25°17′03″S 57°37′03″W / 25.2843°S 57.6174°W / -25.2843; -57.6174Coordinates: 25°17′03″S 57°37′03″W / 25.2843°S 57.6174°W / -25.2843; -57.6174
Construction started 2006
Completed 2011
Roof 136 metres (446 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 37

The Icono Tower is a building in Asuncion, Paraguay. The structure stands at a height of 136 metres (446 ft) and 37 stories. It is the tallest building in Paraguay, surpassing former Wilson Tower. It was completed in 2011. It is one of the most dominant skyscrapers in South America.


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