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id Tech 7
Developer(s)id Software
Written inC++
Microsoft Windows
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
TypeGame engine

id Tech 7 is a multiplatform proprietary game engine developed by id Software. As part of the id Tech series of game engines, it is the successor to id Tech 6. The software was first demonstrated at QuakeCon 2018 as part of the id Software announcement of Doom Eternal.[1][2][3]


id Tech 7 features ten times the geometric detail, and higher texture fidelity of id Tech 6.[4] Moreover the capabilities of the game engine allow to have a new system called "Destructible Demons", in which enemies' bodies become progressively destroyed and deteriorated in combat as they suffer damage. On PC, id Tech 7 will support Vulkan rendering only.[5] Ray tracing will probably be added after the game has shipped.[6]

Improvements in comparison to id Tech 6[edit]

  • 1 million fewer lines of code[7]
  • Unified HDR lighting and shadowing[7]
  • Multi PBR material compositing, blending, and painting[7]
  • Improved image quality, level of geometric detail, and global illumination[7]
  • Support for gameplay areas twice the size of those in id Tech 6[8]
  • Increased texture fidelity due to removal of MegaTexture pipeline, used since id Tech 4[8]

Games using id Tech 7[edit]

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