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Idaho Candy Company Warehouse

The Idaho Candy Company is a candy manufacturer in Boise, Idaho, United States.


The Idaho Candy Company was founded in 1901 by Thomas Ovard "T.O." Smith (1876-1954).[1] He began by making chocolates in his garage, and then selling them door-to-door. In 1909 he opened a factory in Boise, which still operates today.[2][3] John Wagers bought the company in 1984[4] and his son Dave Wagers has been running the company since 1991.[3] In 2007, the company was selected "Best Candy Company" by Boise Weekly.[5]


Over the years, the company produced more than 50 varieties of candy bars,[3] but that number was reduced to four by late 2013.[6] The Idaho Spud (1918)[3] consists of a cocoa-flavored marshmallow center covered with a dark chocolate coating and sprinkled with coconut flakes.[7] It is shaped like a potato.[8] The Old Faithful (1925) consists of a vanilla-flavored marshmallow center topped with whole peanuts and covered with milk chocolate. The Cherry Cocktail (1926) consists of a maraschino cherry cream center coated in ground peanuts and milk chocolate. Three varieties of Owyhee Butter Toffee are also still being produced, along with about 20 varieties of bulk candy. All candy made by the company can be bought directly at the Idaho Candy Company website.

Products from the company are labeled as "Owyhee" after the Owyhee River and Owyhee County, Idaho, that are located near the production plant.

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