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Idar Rajya
c. 1257–1948
Flag of Idar State
Coat of arms of Idar State
Coat of arms
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Established
c. 1257
• Accession to Republic of India
Succeeded by
Republic of India

Idar State, also known as Edar, was a princely state that was located in present-day Gujarat state of India. During the British Raj era, it was a part of the Mahi Kantha Agency, within the Gujarat Division of Bombay Presidency.[citation needed]


Idar State was a princely state that was founded in 1257. Its rulers were Rathore Rajputs.[1][2] In 1924 Idar was made part of the Western India States Agency. It was transferred to the Rajputana Agency in the early 1940s. On 10 June 1948 Idar became part of the Indian Union. In 1949 it was dissolved and split between Sabar Kantha district and Mehsana district which were at that point in Bombay State.[3] Both these districts were included in Gujarat when it was formed in 1960.


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