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Ideal School and College
আইডিয়াল স্কুল অ্যান্ড কলেজ
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Ideal School and College

Coordinates23°44′7.65″N 90°25′21.9″E / 23.7354583°N 90.422750°E / 23.7354583; 90.422750Coordinates: 23°44′7.65″N 90°25′21.9″E / 23.7354583°N 90.422750°E / 23.7354583; 90.422750
Mottoহে রব আমার জ্ঞান বৃদ্ধি কর
(Oh God, please increase my knowledge)
Established1965 (1965)
Opened15 March 1965
School districtDhaka
School code108277
PrincipalDr. Shahan Ara Begum
Teaching staff200
GenderBoys & Girls
Medium of languageBengali & English Version
Campus size2 Decimal
Campus typeUrban
MascotBooks with Lightning Candle and Wreaths
AccreditationBISE, Dhaka
PublicationProtyasha, Auritro, PRISM, Auspice
No. of branches3

Ideal School and College (Bengali: আইডিয়াল স্কুল অ্যান্ড কলেজ), also known as Motijheel Ideal School and College or Ideal High School (which was its name until 1990) is an educational institution in Bangladesh established in 1965. Although the school was set up to cater for the children of surrounding areas, students come from all parts of Dhaka.

In the SSC examination of 2008, it became the most successful school in the country in terms of the number of students achieving GPA 5. In 2009 it achieved the highest percentage of both GPA 5 and passing rate. Ideal School and College have three campuses inside Dhaka in Motijheel, Banasree and Mughda.


The school was founded on 15 March 1965. Following the inauguration, till 1968 it was a junior school. In 1972 the school was converted into a high school. The students from the school participated in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination (O-level equivalent) for the first time in 1973 and earned an extraordinary success for the very first time.

During the first 25 years, the school kept its growth as a high school only (10 years of formal education according to the Bangladeshi Standards). Following the demand and the requests from the guardians, a college (11th and 12th year of formal education according to the Bangladeshi Standards) for female students was added here in 1991.

To make room for more students the administration opened a new branch on the occasion of the 30th anniversary in 1996. That branch started its activities at Rampura with 702 students. Faizur Rahman is the founder-headmaster of the institution. seeing the request of people, the government has granted 1 acre and 6 katha or 402m2 for a very new branch in Mugda. In 2011, the third branch of Ideal School and College started its journey.

Historical events[edit]

  • 1965: Initiative taken.
  • 1965: Establishing year.
  • 1968: Turned on to Junior school.
  • 1972: Turned on to High school.
  • 1973: Students first participated in SSC.
  • 1990: College section opened.
  • 1996: Started a new branch in Rampura Banasree project.
  • 2003: Establishment of English Version.
  • 2007: Completion of a four-storied school campus for the Banasree branch.
  • 2010: Construction started for a separate campus for English Version.
  • 2011: 8 June, a new branch opened at Mugda, Dhaka.
  • 2012: Authority decided to open English version on Banasree Branch.
  • 2012: 9 June, a regular committee has been formed by the direct vote of the guardians and teachers.
  • 2013: Construction of 2 Storied academic building at Banasree has been started.
  • 2014: 26 October, construction of five stories of the English version building is completed.
  • 2016: Start of construction of 8th to 10th storey of Academic Bhaban.
  • 2017: Construction of 8th to 10th storey of Academic Bhaban is completed.


The institute has three campuses in Dhaka. Motijheel, Banasree and Mugda.


The Main Branch and College campus is beside Peerjongi's Majar and Motijheel AGB Colony. It was established on 15 March 1965 with the help of the people of AGB Colony. In 1980, President Ziaur Rahman granted 1.2 acres of this campus. There are six buildings.

  • Main Building, 5 storied
  • Science Building, 5 storied
  • English Version Building, currently 7 storied (proposed 12 storied)
  • College Building, 5 storied
  • Academic Building, 10 storied
  • Quarters, 4 storied


  • School building, (proposed 6 storied)
  • School building, English Version (proposed 10 storied)


The third campus is in Mugda. The government granted 1 acre and 6 katha or 402 m2 land in 2010. It started classes with 1800 students on 20 March 2011. Classes are held in a one-storied tin-shed building. On 8 June 2011, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the foundation stone of the Academic Building. A 5 storied building has been settled there.


The school offers primary and secondary education for boys and girls even though it is non-co-educational. Generally, boys and girls are split into separate shifts. Girls attend school in the morning shift while boys attend their classes starting at noon. Boys of class 1 to 3 attend classes in the morning shift. Morning shift starts from 6:45 am and ends at 11:30 am. Day shift starts at 12:00 am and ends at 5:15 pm.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Besides the regular educational system, Ideal School and College offer its students many chances to distribute their ideas through many clubs and activities.


The school's BNCC team opened in 1998. It is the 2nd platoon of Delta Company, 2 Ramna Battalion. It is the first private educational institute in Bangladesh with a BNCC platoon. Eleven students have got CUO (Cadet Under Officer) till 2011.


The institute's scout group is the 27th team of Bangladesh Scout, Dhaka Metropolitan. It consists of three cub teams, three scout teams, two girl cub and two girl scout teams. They have participated in national and international scout events. The institute has the highest number of President Award and Shapla Cub Award achievers in Bangladesh with 35 President Awards and 40 Shapla Cub Awards.


Ideal Debating Club (IDC)[edit]

IDC or Ideal Debating Club is a non-profitable debating organization. It is one of the leading debating clubs in Bangladesh and was founded on 3 April 1993.

IDC is so far the only platform for the students of Ideal School and college to exercise and enhance their organizational and leadership skills through co-curricular activities. The club is focused to excel the communicating skill of the future leaders. Its activities range from debate to important case of the country and plan competitions, public speaking etc. This club is also focused to enhance inter-batch cohesion as members from different batches work in the same team.

At present, IDC has more than 1000 members of its own.

The current Executive Committee is represented by Arunav Utpal Aritra as President and Abyead Safwan Enan as the Vice-president

Ideal Science and Technology Aiming Research Council (ISTARC)[edit]

The era which we are passing through is the aeon of science, and science is a matter of rapid research. So in this period, students have no space to desertion science. But they can't achieve the highest peak of science by just reading their textbooks. The students want to go further deep into science. For this ISTARC is trying to surge the horizon of knowledge about science among the students of Ideal School and College. For this very purpose, in 2001, "Science in creation, not Annihilation" being inspired by this motto Md. Motahar Hossain, teacher of Ideal School and College, established "Ideal Science Club". The radius of its Function increased and therefore it was named "Ideal Science and Technology Aiming Research Council" (ISTARC). ISTARC's current moderator is Mr Subas Chandra Poddar. ISTARC's core objective is to run various science-related programs in the school to make the students interested in innumerable inventions and discoveries of science. Therefore, their knowledge of science can be broadly enlarged. It arranges a science and technology festival each year.

Ideal English Language Club (IELC)[edit]

IELC is a semi-independent organization situated within Ideal School and College, which inspires students to venture through various unknown dimensions of English language. We devote ourselves to the improvement of the 4 basic skills of the students for learning English: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Our goal is to take the students and nourish them in order for them to grow up as a civilized, multi-cultured, globalized human being.

Ideal English Language Club was established on 29 February 2016. Its founding president is Mazhar Uddin Bhuiyan, MD and A.K Azad as its founding moderator. This club is now being run by the 4th executive committee. The current moderator is Moksed Islam and the executive members are Abarar Jishan (President), Mahir Morsed (General Secretary), Tahir Zaman Umar (Vice President), Mahimahir Aziz (Associate General Secretary) and Fatheen Eshtiauque Lithon (Secretary).

The club consecutively arranged 3 English Language festivals where students all over the country participated in various events. The club's annual magazine is 'AUSPICE' which is published every year. Magazine's chief patron is Salam Khan and the Editor is Anannay Islam. Various companies sponsor AUSPICE in order to publish their advertisements in the magazine.

There are currently 1800 active members in IELC.

IELC is one of the most successful clubs in Ideal School and College. The main theme of IELC is to make the learners aware free from the anxiety of learning a foreign language. It started its first stepping stone in February 2016 in Motijheel branch. Within a very short time, it made its very first successful event, "IFIC Bank presents 1st National English Language Carnival 2017". The event was one of the most awaited events for the language seekers.[1] In 2019, 3rd IELC National English Language carnival was arranged where more than 6000 participants participated in various events.

Ideal Club of Business Research and Entrepreneur Development (ICBRED)[edit]

ICBRED is one of the first school-level business clubs in Bangladesh. It started on 16 September 2018. ICBRED's first and current moderator is Mr Nobi Hossain.

Ideal Association of Informatics and Technology (IAIT)[edit]

IAIT is one of the youngest clubs of Ideal school and College. It was established in 30 October 2018. Its aim is to create enthusiasm about technology in people and build a greater nation. Mr. Fida Hossain is the current moderator of this club.[2]

IAIT often arranges workshops, seminars and contests. But their main event is it festival. In April 2019, they have arranged First security Islami Bank ltd. presents 1st IAIT National IT Festival for the first time.[2]

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