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Ideawicket was an Open Innovation intermediary based in New Delhi, India. The portal connects science and technology innovators with innovation seeking businesses and non-profits. Organizations looking for new technologies, breakthrough research or solutions for existing R&D problems use the Ideawicket platform to find R&D solutions and connect with research partners and suppliers in the field. Innovators leverage the Ideawicket platform (Idea Pool) to showcase their non-confidential technologies, designs and research.

The name Ideawicket is derived from the words idea and wicket. Webster's Dictionary online defines wicket as "a small gate or door; especially: one forming part of or placed near a larger gate or door”. The name signifies a "gateway for ideas". Ideawicket was launched in 2006 and is among India's first open innovation intermediaries. It is unique among Open Innovation intermediaries in that it offers a platform for innovators to showcase their own innovations to corporations in addition to corporations posting their R&D requirements as Challenges.

As of May 2012, Ideawicket belongs to Inventorhaus Inc, parent company of[1]


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