Kantara Initiative

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Kantara Initiative
Kantara logo.gif
Founded 2009
Type Professional Organization
Focus Digital Identity Management
Origins Merger of the Liberty Alliance and others
Method Recommendations, Conferences, Publications
Website kantarainitiative.org

Kantara is a non-profit professional association dedicated to advancing technical and legal innovation related to digital identity management.[1]


Kantara is a joint initiative originally founded by the Liberty Alliance, the DataPortability project, the Concordia Project, the Internet Society, the Information Card Foundation, OpenLiberty.org and XDI.org. It was first announced in June 2009, with several leaders who filled the same roles at the Liberty Alliance.[2][3] It was formed as a program of IEEE-ISTO[4] and as such is incorporated in Delaware, USA as a 501(c)(6)6 non-profit organization. It is structured in a bicameral governance model[5] and in 2011 had members and participants in 12 countries.[6]

Kantara is not an official standards body but submits recommendations to standards bodies such as Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ITU-T.

Work groups and discussion groups may choose which license policy to use for their intellectual property when they are formed. Three common ones are the Apache License 2.0, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike, or patent and copyright with reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing.


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