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Military identity card
Военный билет
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An example of the card
Issued by Azerbaijan
Eligibility requirementsmilitary personnel

A military identity card is an identity document issued to soldiers of the armed forces of various countries.


In addition to the general identity information, such as last name, given name(s), date and place of birth, education, and the presence of a civilian specialty sports category, military ID can contain a number of specific information items, such as:[citation needed]

  • decision of the draft board
  • mark for military (civilian alternative) service, post[clarification needed] and MAS[clarification needed]
  • military rank, specialty class
  • government (departmental) awards and decorations
  • wounds, injuries and contusions
  • list of weapons and technical equipment assigned to the person
  • reserve status
  • military training
  • anthropometric measurements (height, head circumference, size of the gas mask, clothing size, shoe size)
  • marks for the admission and withdrawal of the military registration
  • evaluation of the decision of the military oath or bringing obligation; a note is made of the military chief of staff, as follows: "It is a military oath (liability brought)", and it also indicates the day, month and year of taking of the oath


In modern Russian military, the ID cards of two different types are issued: ID for a soldier/sailor/sergeant/warrant officer (ru:Военный билет Вооружённых сил России), and ID for a military officer (Russian: Удостоверение личности военнослужащего, ru:Удостоверение личности военнослужащего).[citation needed]

Military identity card of the Russian Armed Forces (Russian: Военный билет Вооружённых сил России) is a document issued to soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other "power" agencies, where military service is provided, as well as to those who are exempt from military service or upon admission to the reserve. For citizens on the conscription military service, this is a document replacing the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.[1]

In addition to the modern version of the document, military cards issued in the Soviet Union are also in use, as well as several options for older military cards issued in the Russian Federation.[citation needed]

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