Idjit Savant

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Idjit Savant
Studio album by The Dickies
ReleasedJanuary 17, 1995
RecordedCal State Dominguez Hills, Tiny Lights Recording, Jandemonium and Sonora in 1994
GenrePunk rock, New Wave
LabelTriple X Records
ProducerThe Dickies and John X
The Dickies chronology
Second Coming
Idjit Savant
All This and Puppet Stew

Idjit Savant is the fifth studio album by punk rock band The Dickies. It was released in 1995 on Triple X Records. It was jokingly referred to by singer Leonard Graves Phillips as their "best album no one's ever heard".[1]

Although bass player Charlie Alexander played on most of the album's tracks, his sudden departure just weeks before a tour upset Phillips, and replacement Marc Vachon was credited in the liner notes instead.[2]

The track "Just Say Yes" had already been released as a single in 1990.[3]

Track listing[edit]

1."Welcome to the Diamond Mine"Leonard Graves Phillips/Stan Lee2:01
2."Golden Boys"Darby Crash/Pat Smear2:32
3."Toxic Avenger"Phillips3:03
5."I'm Stuck in a Condo (with Marlon Brando)"Phillips/Lee3:06
6."Just Say Yes"Phillips/Lee/Buhne2:16
7."Elevator (In the Brain Hotel)"George Alexander1:45
8."Pretty Ballerina"Michael Lookofsky2:42
9."Make It So"Phillips/Melvoin/Lee/Dorman2:28
10."I'm on Crack"Phillips/Lee2:18
11."Oh Boy!"Phillips/Lee3:01
13."House of Raoul"Phillips3:00
14."Song of the Dawn"Milton Ager/Jack Yellen1:54


The Dickies

  • Leonard Graves Phillips – lead vocals, keyboards
  • Stan Lee – guitar
  • Glen Laughlin - guitar, backing vocals, mandolin
  • Marc Vachon – bass
  • Jonathan Melvoin – drums, percussion

Additional Musicians:

  • Charlie Alexander - bass on "Zeppelina", "Elevator...", "Pretty Ballerina", "Make it so", "Oh Boy!" and "House of Raoul"[4]
  • Laurie Buhne - bass on "Just say Yes" and "Roadkill"
  • Cliff Martinez - drums on "Just say Yes" and "Roadkill"
  • Enoch Hain - guitar on "Welcome To The Diamond Mine", "Golden Boys", "Toxic Avenger", "I'm Stuck In A Condo (With Marlon Brando)", "Just say Yes" and "Roadkill"
  • Michael Acosta - saxophone on "House of Raoul"
  • Daoud Coleman - cello on "Pretty Ballerina"
  • Roger Manning - harpsichord on "Pretty Ballerina"


  • Recorded at Cal State Dominguez Hills, Tiny Lights Recording, Jandemonium and Sonora
  • Produced by The Dickies and John X
  • Engineered by John X, Pat Kraus and Brian Kehew
  • Mastered by Dan Hersch
  • Cover Art by Philip Aro


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