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idobi Radio
Type of site
Internet Radio
Available in English
Owner idobi Network LLC
Slogan(s) Music that doesn't suck/Running interviews into the ground since 1999
Alexa rank Negative increase 314,845 (April 2014)[1]
Registration Optional
Launched 1999
Current status Active

idobi Radio is a modern rock Internet radio station focusing on new pop punk and alternative music. The station broadcasts over the Internet via its website, app, iTunes and SHOUTcast.[2] Established in 1999, idobi features interviews and music industry news, and radio shows hosted by popular artists. The stream has an excellent track record of playing tracks from top unsigned artists, most notably having featured artists like Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, and Simple Plan prior to the bands' mainstream successes.[3]

With roughly 5.5 million unique listens per month, idobi Radio is the #1 alternative rock stream, #1 alternative radio station on, and regularly appears in the Triton Digital Top 20 alongside large broadcast companies like Clear Channel, Entercom, and more.[4] idobi Radio was the winner of the 2014 RAIN Internet Radio Award for Best Single-Stream Webcaster.[5]


idobi Radio was established in February, 1999 in Washington, DC by then MTV Networks producer Tom Cheney. The station broadcast through the Live365 radio platform in two formats: Alternative Rock and Top 40, which initially ran off Cheney's home computer. As Internet radio usage grew, so did idobi's listenership. The station became more popular by promoting itself through concert tours, especially the Vans Warped Tour, and by teaming up with popular artists.[6]

The introduction of the iTunes Internet radio directory boosted listenership even further. idobi dropped the Top 40 stream in early 2003 in order to focus on the Alternative Rock stream and to launch a new web site covering music news, album reviews, concert photos, and artist info similar to AbsolutePunk and Buzznet. In 2003, the Live365 platform was also dropped in favor of SHOUTcast. In 2005, Entertainment Weekly Magazine named idobi one of the "fastest growing Internet radio stations in the world" and a "threat to terrestrial radio outlets".[7]

In 2014, idobi Radio was awarded "Best Single Stream Webcaster" at the 5th Annual RAIN internet Radio Awards at RAIN Summit Indianapolis.[8]

Since 2014, idobi has partnered with Warped Tour to create iWR – idobi Warped Radio – the official internet radio station for the annual tour. Presenting three days per week of programming dedicated to Vans Warped Tour and its artists, iWR features interviews, takeovers, and spotlights running for the duration of the summer festival’s dates.[9]

idobi participated in 2015 setting of CRB rates for internet radio by the U.S. Copyright office.[10] Arguments were presented that the previous royalty rates were too high, and have prevented competition in the internet radio space. Accuradio's Kurt Hanson states, "idobi…may be the only meaningful new entrant in the Internet radio industry to appear on the scene in the U.S. in the past seven years – and even it apparently has a history stretching back to 1999."[11]

Currently, the station garners in excess of 5 million listeners a month, according to Triton Digital,[12] making it one of the most successful independent online radio stations in the world. The web site is a multimedia platform consisting of music news, album reviews, concert photos, artist features and interviews, and in-studio performance videos. idobi is owned by Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, Sébastien Lefebvre and Chuck Comeau of Simple Plan, along with founder Tom Cheney, and Eddie Barella.[13]

idobi music[edit]

idobi and its shows have played a role in breaking out bands like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, and many others.[14] The station's playlist rotation is based on top alternative hits with an emphasis on new music and deep album cuts from top alternative artists. The station is known to not pay attention to singles, unlike terrestrial radio.[15]

idobi Radio also has two sister stations: idobi Howl, launched in 2013 with a focus on metal and hardcore music; and idobi Anthm, which plays indie rock and indie pop.[16][17][18]


  • BLACKOUT - Late night talk show focusing on areas of the paranormal / conspiracy theories / metaphysical / true crime / etc fringe topics featuring interviews with expert in those fields as well as interviews with rock bands and alternative models. The show which is hosted by radio personality Eddie Barella and rock singer Samantha Scarlette, is a spin off of the 20 minute paranormal segment Scarlette used to do for Idobi's Eddie, Jason & Chris Show[19]
  • Dangerous Darrin Show - Talk show featuring interviews with artists, hosted by Goldfinger drummer, and record producer Darrin Pfeiffer, and TS; airing Tuesday at 7pm ET.[20]
  • Eddie Jason & Chris (also called EJC Show) – Weekly live radio show and podcast delivering current events, hot topics, and interviews with musicians, actors, comedians, and newsmakers. Hosted by Eddie Barella, Jason Newcomer, and Chris Barr; airing Mondays at 8pm ET.[21] From October 2016 until April 2017, the show featured a 30-minute paranormal segment with rock singer Samantha Scarlette as the shows "paranormal correspondent".[22] The EJC Show was named Best Podcast in Denver in 2015 and 2016 by Westword.[23][24]
  • Emo Nite - Hosted by Emo Nite LA founders Morgan Freed, T.J. Petracca, and Barbara Szabo weekly at 10pm ET every Tuesday, including a live broadcast of the Emo Night LA event at 1pm PT on the first Tuesday of the month.[25]
  • Geek Girl Riot - All things geeky hosted by a collective of diverse women, created by idobi Creative Director and producer Sherin Nicole. Discusses hot topics and events in pop culture, special features, interviews and conversations with authors, artists, filmmakers, actors, and creatives. New episodes on Wednesdays.[26][27]
  • Gone Fishkin - Hosted by Mike "Fish" Fishkin, Gone Fishkin is a live talk show with a focus on new music and interviews with both rising and established artists and entertainers; airing Thursday at 9pm ET.[28][29][30]
  • The Gunz Show – A music-focused show featuring artist interviews, news, requests, and listener interaction hosted by Mike "Gunz" Gunzelman, broadcast live from Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, on Wednesday at 9pm ET, and Sunday at 9pm ET.[31][32]
  • idobi Warped Radio (formerly Warped idobi Radio) - Stylized as iWR, idobi Radio is partnered with Vans Warped Tour to bring listeners an insider Warped Tour experience, featuring interviews with the bands on the lineup, spotlights on the non-profit charities on the tour, and takeovers from artists. Airs during the full run of the Vans Warped Tour each year.[33][34][35][36]
  • In Frequency - Music-focused talk show featuring interviews with artists, hosted by Eleanor Grace; airing Sundays at 7pm ET.[37]
  • Let’s Talk Music - Hosted by Sara "Scoggs" Scoggins, Let’s Talk Music is an interactive hour of listening and talking about music powered by listener requests and broadcast live from Los Angeles on Tuesday at 9pm ET.[38][39][40]
  • Man of the HourHot talk hosted by Simple Plan guitarist Sébastien Lefebvre and Canadian television personality, iHeartRadio Canada, and Énergie 94.3 host Patrick Langlois. The show was picked up by Virgin Radio Montreal 96 on March 21, 2010.[41][42] The show returned to idobi Radio December 1, 2010.[43] Airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET.[44]
  • Metalix - Beginning as an overnight metal show on Denver FM radio, picked up by idobi Howl. Hosted by Brad "B-Lo" Lopez; airing Monday at 9pm ET.[45][46]
  • The Mike Herrera Hour - Hosted by Mike Herrera from MxPx, The Mike Herrera Hour is a talk show featuring guests, ranging from musicians to political news editors, for philosophical conversation about music, touring, religion, politics, and self-help; airing Fridays at 8pm ET.[47][48][49]
  • No Filter - The Weekend Riot’s Johnny Costa and Bruce Wiegner host an hour of guests, music, and talk; airing Thursdays at 8pm ET.[50]
  • The Noise - Debuted in 2015 on Dash Radio, The Noise’s online radio show broadcasts on idobi Radio. Hosted by Jimmy Smith, with a focus on alt-rock and heavy metal music; airing Saturday at 7pm ET.[51][52]
  • Rock The WallsMusic radio, interviews, and talk hosted by Patrick Walford from Toronto, Canada; Thursdays at 8pmET on idobi Howl, Saturdays at 8pm ET on idobi Radio.[53][54]
  • The Sound Lab - Broadcasting from the UK, host Jim Garrett brings weekly interviews with musicians, music concert coverage, and plays new music from new and established artists; airing Sunday 7pm ET on idobi Anthm.[55][56]
  • Waldman’s Words - Former touring musician turned artist manager Scott Waldman hosts, with a focus on providing advice to up and coming artists, artist managers, and music industry professionals; airing Tuesday at 8pm ET.[57]

All shows are uncensored and oftentimes controversial.

Past shows[edit]

  • ALTop 20 Countdown – The Top 20 Alternative songs of the week are counted down; aired Sundays at 5pm ET from 2008-2011.[58][59]
  • Bitch Slap RadioComedy and hot talk hosted by Zac Rich from; the show aired Mondays at 10:30pm ET.[60]
  • Beebs’ Fun Time Radio Show – Music and talk show hosted by Michelle Beebs of Beebs and Her Money Makers; aired Thursdays at 8pm ET in 2015.[61]
  • Crash Test RadioHot talk hosted by Rocco Burro, Houston Calls bassist Jarrett Seltzer, and Jon Sekunda, with Houston Calls singer Tom "The Intern" Keiger. The show aired from 2006–2009.[62][63]
  • DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show – DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show was picked up from American University's WVAU after host, Ross Senack, graduated in 2004. The show ran on idobi Radio from 2004 to 2008, logging 450 shows. Fans were able to interact directly with band members in real time through both instant messenger and telephone. The slot is currently taken over by The Gunz Show.[64][65]
  • First Person with Josh Madden – Music and talk radio show hosted by Josh Madden; aired Thursdays at 8pm ET from 2010-2013.[66]
  • Full Frontal - Hosted by Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat from All Time Low; the show aired on idobi Radio Mondays at 7pm ET from 2013-2014.[67][68][69]
  • Godsquad Radio – Syndicated by idobi Radio in 2006.
  • Gumshoe RadioMusic radio hosted by singer Anthony Raneri and bassist Nick Ghanbarian from Wind-up Records' punk band, Bayside; aired Fridays at 7pm ET.[70]
  • The Jonathan London Show – Hosted by music video and film director, Jonathan London. The show aired 2006–2007.[71]
  • Man Overboard Radio – Talk and music show hosted by Man Overboard; aired Mondays at 7pm ET.[72]
  • No Rules Radio – Talk and music show hosted by Allan Lake and Fat Steve from Great Britain and Brooklyn respectively; aired Fridays at 6pm ET.[73]
  • Rockin' That with Nick ScaliseMusic radio and hot talk hosted by Nick Scalise, Chicago-based music producer and drummer for Mathletes and October Fall; the show aired Tuesdays at 8pm ET.[74]
  • S&M RadioHot talk hosted by actor Sam E. Goldberg and Michelle Nicole; the show aired Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET.[75]
  • The XtremeBitz Radio Show – idobi Radio's first weekly live show, first airing in 2003. Comedy and hot talk hosted by Eddie Barella, Rob Lego, and featured cast members Jason Newcomer and Chris Barr. The show aired Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm ET. In 2011, a spin-off show was created called Eddie Jason & Chris, which currently airs on idobi Radio.[76][77]


On March 12, 2014, idobi broke the news that New Found Glory's guitarist, Steve Klein, was charged with multiple counts of lewd conduct with a minor. The story was picked up by Billboard, MTV, The Huffington Post, and Alternative Press.[78][79][80][81][82]

Other media[edit]

idobi also runs a concert photography site called Photos From the Show and an online music video stream called idobiTV.

On April 15, 2011, the site released the idobi App, an iOS app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. On August 30, it was released for Android.


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