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Idol: Jakten på en superstjerne
Season 4
Broadcast from January 2006 – May 19, 2006
Judges Tone-Lise Skagefoss
Tor Milde
Amund Bjørklund
Hans Olav Grøttheim
Host(s) Solveig Kloppen
Kåre Magnus Bergh
Broadcaster TV 2
Finals venue Oslo Spektrum
Aleksander Denstad With
Origin Trondheim, Norway
Song "A Little Too Perfect"
Genre(s) Teen Pop
Jonas Thomassen

Idol: Jakten på en superstjerne 2006 was the fourth season of Idol Norway based on the British singing competition Pop Idol. It premiered one year after the third season and was aired in the first half of 2006.
Kåre Magnus Bergh remained as the co-host of Solveig Kloppen who was pregnant during the show. Between March 3 and April 27 she was replaced by the following (in order of appearance): Berte Rommetveit, Guri Solberg, Sandra Lyng Haugen, Marion Ravn and Silje Stang who each hosted one show next to Bergh. Tone-Lise Skagefoss and Tor Milde remained as judges and were joined by Amund Bjørklund and Hans Olav Grøttheim.
Aleksander Denstad With auditioned with his girlfriend Vivian Sørmeland. The two of them were lead singers of the unsigned project WimpyLine. Both managed to advance through the semifinals to the top 12 and while Sørmeland placed third her boyfriend Width went on winning the entire show making him the youngest winner of the show (he was 18 at that time). Peaking at no. 4 in Norway, first album coming home also managed to become a success in Japan.[1]



(ages stated at time of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Voted Off Liveshow Theme
Aleksander Denstad With 18 Trondheim Winner Grand Finale
Jonas Thomassen 17 Rygge May 19, 2006
Vivian Sørmeland 19 Trondheim May 12, 2006 Judge's choice
Marita Johansen 17 Tromsø May 05, 2006 Duets
Wisnu Witono Adhi 22 Oslo Apr 28, 2006 Big Band
Ørjan Hatlevik 22 Fitjar Apr 21, 2005 Made in Sweden
Siri Helene Erland 20 Skaun Apr 07, 2006 1980s
Mar 03, 2006 Contestant's choice
Oda Evjen Gjøvåg 17 Bergen Mar 31, 2006 Unplugged
Stine Hansen 17 Skedsmokorset Mar 24, 2006 Made in Norway
Anders Mjaaland 17 Kristiansand Mar 17, 2006 Disco Fever
Iselin Andresen 18 Haugesund Withdrew
Audun Rensel 19 Tromøya Mar 10, 2006 Movie Songs

Elimination Chart[edit]

Did Not Perform Female Male Top 40 Wild Card Top 12 Winner
Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 2 Eliminated
Stage: Semi Wild
Week: 02/08 02/10 02/16 02/18 02/22 02/24 03/03 03/10 03/17 03/31 04/07 04/14 04/21 04/28 05/05 05/12 05/19
Place Contestant Result
1 Aleksander Denstad With 56% Btm 3 Winner
2 Jonas Thomassen 42% Runner-Up
3 Vivian Sørmeland 40% Btm 3 Btm 2 Elim
4 Marita Johansen 18% 40% Btm 3 Btm 2 Btm 2 Elim
5 Wisnu Witono Adhi 10% Btm 3 Btm 3 Btm 2 Elim
6 Ørjan Hatlevik 41% Elim
7 Siri Helene Erland 19% Elim Btm 2 Elim
8 Oda Evjen Gjøvåg 28% Btm 3 Btm 2 Btm 2 Btm 2 Elim
9 Stine Hansen 21% Elim
10 Anders Mjaaland 16% Elim
11 Audun Rensel 17% 14% Btm 2 Elim
12 Iselin Andresen 24% Wdrw
Melanie Helmichsen Elim 12%
Yolanda Myrbostad 11% 10%
Cindy Selven Røe 8% Elim
Mari Steinnes 4%
Maria Holand Tøsse 12%
Quang Tran Trung Elim
Final 5
Stine Muri 9%
Johan Sørum Elim
Kim Dahl
Maria Medina Heskestad
Matias Kildahl Fjeld
Final 4
Marius Hildal Vik 10%
Ivar Ole Vik Elim
Mariann Svendsen
Vegard Dahl
Veronika J. Klemetsen
Final 3
Cindy E. Kvinlaug 17%
Anthony Hegglund Sabado Elim
Bob Mørk
Ole Jørgen Gravaas
Final 2
Sara Ristesund 4%
Christine Valencia Elim
Solveig Nymoen
Thomas Seeberg
Final 1
Bente Tednes Elim
Flavio Diaz
Gabrielle Leithaug
Leif H. T. Pettersen


  • Because Iselin withdrew after the second liveshow Siri Helene returned as her replacement after Audun (who was voted off the latest at that point) declined.


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