Idris Murshidul Azzam Shah of Perak

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Idris I
Sultan of Perak
Sultan Idris Shah and his personal staff, 1897.
Sultan of Perak
Reign29 July 1887 − 14 January 1916
Installation5 April 1889
PredecessorYusuf Sharifuddin Muzaffar Shah of Perak
SuccessorAbdul Jalil Nasiruddin Muhtaram Shah of Perak
Born(1849-06-19)19 June 1849
Kuala Keboi, Kampar, Perak, British Malaya
Died14 January 1916(1916-01-14) (aged 66)
Istana Negara, Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar, Perak, British Malaya
Burial17 January 1916
SpouseRaja Nuteh Aishah Binti Almarhum Sultan Yusuf Sharifuddin Muzaffar Shah Ghafirullah
IssueSultan Abdul Jalil Karamatullah Shah
Raja Abdul Hamid
Sultan Iskandar Shah
Raja Haji Harun al-Rashid
Raja Abdul Rashid
Raja Haji Shuib
Raja Haji Shaharuddin
Raja Muhammad Iskandar
Raja Ngah Khadija Halima
Raja Puteh Mahijah
Raja Kechil Kamariah Kulsum
Raja Badariya
Raja Khalija
Raja Arbia
Raja Fatima
Raja Halija
Raja Mahtra
Sultan Idris Murshidul Azzam Shah Ibni Almarhum Raja Bendahara Alang Iskandar Teja
HouseHouse of Perak
FatherRaja Alang Iskandar ibni Almarhum Raja Kecil Tengah Raja Ahmad
MotherCik Ken Uda Sari Binti Abdul Rahman
ReligionSunni Islam

Sultan Idris Murshidul Azzam Shah Ibni Almarhum Raja Bendahara Alang Iskandar Marhum Teja GCMG GCVO (19 June 1849 − 14 January 1916) was the 28th Sultan of Perak. Perak at that time was part of the British-administered Federated Malay States.

The Sultan's rule was marked by Perak joining the Federated Malay States, a Federation of four protected states in the Malay Peninsula, including Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang, established by the British government in 1895, which lasted until 1946.

Early life[edit]

Sultan Idris Shah I (right), accompanied by Raja Chulan (left) at the Houses of Parliament, London, 1906.

Raja Idris Shah was born on 19 June 1849 at Kuala Keboi, Kampar, Perak. He was the son of Alang Iskandar.

He was the 27th Sultan of Perak. He succeeded his father-in-law, Sultan Yusuf Sharifuddin Muzaffar Shah, who died on 26 July 1887, and ruled until his death on 14 January 1916.

In March 1900, he opened the Victoria Bridge, a single track railway bridge located in Karai, Perak. It is one of the oldest railway bridges in Malaysia, having been constructed between December 1897 and March 1900 by the Perak State Railway as a crossing over the Perak River to serve the local tin mining industry.

He was appointed an Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG) in 1892, and received the Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG) on 27 April 1901, in preparation of the forthcoming royal visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York (later King George V and Queen Mary).[1]

In 1902 he visited the United Kingdom to attend the Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, arriving at London in early June,[2] and prolonging his stay until the autumn to be present for the rescheduled ceremony following the illness of the King.


Upon returning to Perak in 1911, Sultan Idris health was under par and he rested at Port Dickson. Whilst recovering, he made a nazar, should he be restored a good health, he would build a mosque in Bukit Chandan. His vow later materialised with the erection of Ubudiah Mosque but he did not live to see it completed. Sultan Idris death on 14 January 1916 at the age of 66. He was interred at the Royal Mausoleum, Kuala Kangsar with the title of Marhum Rahmatullah. He was succeeded by his son Abdul Jalil Nasiruddin Muhtaram Shah.


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