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Idylwood is a historic neighborhood in the southeastern part of the I-610 loop in Houston, Texas. Idylwood, as of 2012, is the most expensive neighborhood in the East End. As of that year its houses were priced between $142,000 and $396,000. It currently has approximately 340 homes. Bill England, a redeveloper in the East End area, stated in 2004 that Idylwood appealed to buyers who are priced out of houses located in the cities of Bellaire and West University Place.[1]


Idylwood was developed in the 1930s. Richard Connelly of the Houston Press said "like most of these underrated [Houston neighborhoods]," Idylwood "watched helplessly as development trended elsewhere" as more prominent development appeared west of Downtown Houston instead of southeast of Downtown Houston.[2]

From 1998 to 2003, houses in Idylwood appreciated 10% per year.[1]

In 2010 the Houston Press ranked Idylwood one of the "Five Most Underrated Neighborhoods In Houston."[2]


Idlywood is inside the 610 Loop and southeast of Downtown Houston. The neighborhood is bounded by the Brays Bayou, the Wortham Golf Course, and the Villa de Matel, a Roman Catholic convent and basilica. Forest Park Lawndale, a cemetery, lies on the other side of the Brays Bayou.[3] The neighborhood features some of the few rolling hills located within the City of Houston.[4] As of 2004, at a certain point of time, six to nine houses are on sale, and sales conclude quickly.[1] In 2009 Richard Connelly of the Houston Press said that the classic-style houses in Idylwood were "affordable."[2]

Anjali Athavaley of the Houston Chronicle said that flooding is not a significant problem for Idylwood residents. In 2001 Tropical Storm Allison affected some houses located in proximity to North MacGregor Way.[1] The houses primarily consist of cottage bungalows. Idlywood is in proximity to the Texas Medical Center, the Houston Museum District, Hermann Park, the University of Houston, and Rice University.[3]

Government and infrastructure[edit]

Idylwood is in Houston City Council District I.[5]


Idylwood is within the Houston Independent School District.

Idylwood is zoned to J.P. Henderson Elementary School,[6] Navarro Middle School (formerly Jackson Middle School),[7] and Austin High School.[8]

Parks and recreation[edit]

R. F. Bob Spurlock Park

Spurlock Park, operated by the City of Houston,[9] is located within Idylwood.[10]


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