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Iepe Rubingh
Rubingh in 2015
Born(1974-08-17)17 August 1974
Died8 May 2020(2020-05-08) (aged 45)[1]
OccupationChess Boxer

Iepe B. T. Rubingh (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈipə]; 17 August 1974 – 8 May 2020) was a Dutch performance artist, athlete and the founder of chess boxing and World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO, with central Berlin, Germany in 2003).[2]


Works as an artist[edit]

As a performance artist, Rubingh blocked off intersections in Berlin and Tokyo (Shibuya Crossing) to create major traffic congestion. He was jailed for 10 days for the Tokyo action.[3][4]

In 2010 (Sunday April), 500 litres of waterbased environmentally-friendly paint on asphalt spread by 2000 cars on Rosenthaler Platz Berlin. By IEPE & the anonymous crew. Directed by AKIZ.[5][6][7]

Chess boxing[edit]

Rubingh founded chess boxing in 2003,[8][9][10][11][12] drawing inspiration from Enki Bilal's comic book Froid Équateur.[13] He was the President of the World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO[14][15]) for many years[16][17][circular reference][citation needed] and CEO of Chess Boxing Global, the marketing company for professional chessboxing.[18]

In 2020 (14.05.2020) the leading chess news site ChessBase (Germany),[19] publisher of professional chess literature and owner of the Playchess site[20] (approx. 275,000 registered users, data for 2020) published detailed biographical data about the artist and the athlete Iepe Rubingh, as well as his active work, with which he stood out throughout his life.[21][22]

The official Facebook page of Iepe Rubingh shows his activity career in detail.[23]

In official web site of Iepe Rubingh, he explains clear his vision about "Entrepreneurship", "Sport" and Art / "Innovation".[24]

The Queen's Gambit[edit]

The popular Netflix miniseries "The Queen's Gambit" is dedicated to Rubingh. He is credited as an "On-Set Chess Consultant" for the series.


Rubingh died peacefully in his sleep. The cause of death is not known, except it was not COVID-19.[25][26][27]


Chess boxing record

Legend:   Win   Loss   Draw/No contest   Notes


  • 1st World Chess Boxing Organization World Middleweight champion (2003 – Current)
  • 1st Chess Boxing Club Berlins International German middleweight champion

Official in Guinness World Records: First Chess Boxing World Champion[edit]

The President of WCBO Iepe Rubingh official is recorded in Guinness World Records as the First Chess Boxing World Champion.[28]


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Sporting positions
Preceded by
1st WCBO World Middleweight Champion
November 14, 2003 – Current
Succeeded by
Preceded by
1st CBCB International German Middleweight Champion
November 6, 2010 – Current
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