If It Was You

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If It Was You
Tegan and Sara - If It Was You cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 20, 2002 (2002-08-20)
Tegan and Sara chronology
This Business of Art
If It Was You
So Jealous
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars [1]
PopMatters(favorable) [3]
The Village Voice(choice cut)[5]

If It Was You is the third studio album by Canadian indie pop duo Tegan and Sara, released on August 20, 2002. Officially, it is their second release through Vapor Records, though they independently released Under Feet Like Ours in 1999.

If It Was You was recorded on Galiano Island and the Factory Studio, with the exception of the track "And Darling (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)", which was recorded at Tegan's house.

An enhanced version of If It Was You was released on June 3, 2003. This version includes one bonus track ("Come On Kids"), two music videos ("Monday Monday Monday" and "I Hear Noises"), and two tour videos ("Born in the Eighties Tour" and "The Never-Ending Tour").

The singles released from this album include "Time Running", "I Hear Noises", and "Monday Monday Monday". A video of "Living Room" was directed by Kaare Andrews.[6]

Track listing[edit]

1."Time Running"Tegan Quin2:11
2."You Went Away"T. Quin2:00
3."Monday Monday Monday"Sara Quin3:18
4."City Girl"T. Quin4:02
5."Not Tonight"S. Quin2:37
6."Underwater"S. Quin2:50
7."I Hear Noises"T. Quin3:35
8."Living Room"T. Quin2:50
9."Terrible Storm"S. Quin3:28
10."And Darling (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)1"T. Quin1:42
11."Want to Be Bad"S. Quin3:55
12."Don't Confess"T. Quin4:32


Song placement and cover versions[edit]


1.^ The titles of the songs "And Darling (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)" and "Don't Confess" are often mixed up, in that the parenthesis stands next to "Don't Confess" instead of "And Darling". This can most likely be traced back to the track listing on the back of the CD, where the parenthesis is located under "And Darling", but next to "Don't Confess" (presumably for lack of space). The line "this thing that breaks my heart" can be found in the lyrics to "And Darling", however.


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