If Life Were a Result, We'd All Be Dead

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If Life Were a Result, We'd All Be Dead
Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 2000 (2000-02)[1]
GenrePunk rock
LabelCrap Records
D.b.s. chronology
Some Boys Got It, Most Men Don't
If Life Were a Result, We'd All Be Dead
Forget Everything You Know (EP)
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If Life Were a Result, We'd All Be Dead is the fifth and final full-length album released by the North Vancouver punk band d.b.s. It was released by Crap Records in February 2000. Although their final full-length, the songs on this album were actually recorded in 1997, before their previous album.[2] The songs were intended to be released on various singles, but this plan never came to fruition.[2]

The band's music on this album has been likened to Lifetime and Jawbreaker, marking an "awkward transition" from the political lyrics of I Is for Insignificant to the more personal lyrics of Some Boys Got It, Most Men Don't.[5]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Will You Accept the Charges?" – 3:21
  2. "Galleon's Lap" – 2:51
  3. "The Ethics of Camping" – 2:42
  4. "Tsawwassen" – 2:25
  5. "Scavenger Hunt" – 3:49
  6. "Immovable Stones" – 2:26
  7. "The Night She Left" – 3:53
  8. "Mayday" – 3:09
  9. "Dogma Schmogma" – 3:41


  • Andy Dixon – guitar, backing vocals
  • Jesse Gander – vocals
  • Paul Patko – drums, backing vocals
  • Dhani Borges – bass guitar


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