Iga-Ueno Station

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Iga-Ueno Station
West Japan Railway Company
Regional rail station
Iga Ueno Station
Location Mita, Iga
  • Japan
  • (三重県伊賀市三田)
Coordinates 34°47′21″N 136°07′25″E / 34.789042°N 136.123586°E / 34.789042; 136.123586Coordinates: 34°47′21″N 136°07′25″E / 34.789042°N 136.123586°E / 34.789042; 136.123586
Owned by West Japan Railway Company West Japan Railway Company (JR-West)
Operated by West Japan Railway Company JR-West
  • JR-West: 34.6 km (21.5 mi) from Kameyama
  • Iga Tetsudo: 16.6 km (10.3 mi) from Iga-Kambe
  • JR-West: 3
  • Iga Tetsudo: 1
Train operators
Bus stands 1
Connections Bus interchange Mie Kotsu: 31 and 71 at Iga-Ueno-ekimae
Structure type At grade
Bicycle facilities Bicycle facilities Available
Disabled access Yes (2 accessible bathrooms)
Other information

www.jr-odekake.net/eki/top.php?id=0620809 (Japanese)

www.igatetsu.co.jp/cat89/cat90/ (Japanese)
  • JR-West: 15 January 1897 (1897-01-15)
  • Iga Tetsudo: 8 August 1916 (1916-08-08)
Electrified Iga Tetsudo: 1926
Previous names
  • JR-West: Ueno (1897—1916)
  • Iga Tetsudo: Ueno Station Liaison Office (1916—1920)
Passengers (2014 / 2015)
  • JR-West: 656 daily
  • Iga Tetsudo: 479 daily
Preceding station   JR logo (west).svg JR-West   Following station
toward Kamo
  Kansai Line   Sanagu
toward Kameyama and Tsuge
toward Kamo
  Kansai Line   Terminus
Preceding station   Iga Tetsudo   Following station
Terminus   Iga Line   Nii
toward Iga-Kambe

Iga-Ueno Station (伊賀上野駅?, Iga-Ueno-eki) is a train station in Iga, Mie Prefecture, Japan. It is located 94.5 rail kilometres from the terminus of the Kansai Main Line at Nagoya Station and 34.6 rail kilometers from Kameyama Station, and is 16.6 rail kilometers from the opposing terminus of the Iga Line at Iga-Kambe Station.


Iga-Ueno Station was opened on January 15, 1897 as Ueno Station (上野駅?, Ueno-eki). The line was nationalized on October 1, 1907, becoming part of the Imperial Government Railways (IGR), which became Japan National Railways (JNR) after World War II. The station name was changed to its present name on September 11, 1916. Freight operations were discontinued from February 1, 1984. With the privatization of JNR on April 1, 1987, the station came under the control of West Japan Railway Company (JR-West).

The Iga Railway began operations on August 8, 1916. Through a series of mergers, the line became part of the Kintetsu group by June 1, 1944, but was spun-out as an independent company again on October 1, 2007.



Iga-Ueno Station has a side platform which is cut away on one side to form a semi-bay platform, and in an island platform with four tracks on the ground level, connected by an overpass. The Iga Line track is electrified but the Kansai Line tracks are not.


1  Iga Line for Uenoshi toward Iga-Kambe
2  Kansai Line for Kamo
3  Kansai Line for Kameyama and Tsuge
4  Kansai Line for Kamo /
for Kameyama and Tsuge

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