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Panorama Igalo - panoramio.jpg
Igalo is located in Montenegro
Coordinates: 42°27′32″N 18°30′44″E / 42.45889°N 18.51222°E / 42.45889; 18.51222
Country Montenegro
MunicipalityHerceg Novi Municipality
 • Total3,754
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Area code(s)+382 31
Vehicle registrationHN

Igalo (Cyrillic: Игало) is a small town in the Herceg Novi Municipality of Montenegro. It is accessible via the E65/E80 north headed to Dubrovnik, Croatia. According to the 2003 Census, it has a population of 3,754. The town adjoins Herceg Novi and is administratively divided leaving no clear division between the towns.

Located on the slopes of Mount Orjen, Igalo is regionally famous for the "DR Simo Milošević" Institute, a Mediterranean themed health spa which formerly attracted many tourists. Architect Aleksandar Đorđevic built this Institute. The institute is one of the unique hospitals and spas in the Balkans. Though the effects of the Yugoslav Wars limited Igalo's attractiveness as a tourist destination, it nonetheless remains a popular resort for tourists from the surrounding region.

Former Yugoslav leader Tito had his summer villa in this town. This villa was subsequently used to host the last meeting between Slobodan Milošević (then President of Serbia) and Franjo Tuđman (then President of Croatia) amid the early stages of the Yugoslav Wars and fighting between Serbs and Croats throughout Croatia.


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