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Igud HaRabonim (Rabbinical Alliance of America) is a national rabbinical organization, with over 800 members across North America[citation needed]. Founded in 1942, it has for years received publicity from Rabbi Sholom Klass [1] and The Jewish Press.[2]

The organization counts with an active beth din (rabbinical court) in the greater New York City metropolitan area. Just like any other binding arbitration, its decisions are binding in civil courts if the litigants agree to appoint the beth din to arbitrate their dispute.[3]

The organization's first president and co-founder was Rabbi Dr. Samuel A. Turk.


Current Officers are:

  • Rabbi Abraham Hecht (1922-2013),[4]
  • Rabbi Hershel Kurzrock, Av Beis Din
  • Rabbi Dov Aron Brisman, Rosh Beis Din
  • Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hecht, Rabbi Yaakov Klass, Rabbi Yaakov Spivak and Rabbi Hanania Elbaz - Presidium
  • Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, Executive Vice President
  • Rabbi Avraham Amar, Rabbi Noach Bernstein, Rabbi Eli Hecht, Rabbi Joseph Salamon and Rabbi Abraham Stone - Vice Presidents
  • Rabbi Duvid Katz of Brooklyn N.Y. Menahel

Members of the Beis Din are[5][6]:

  • Rabbi Hershel Kurzrock, Av Beis Din
  • Rabbi Dov Aron Brisman, Rosh Beis Din
  • Rabbi Peretz Steinberg, Sgan Av Beis Din
  • Rabbi Shmaryahu Shulman, Zkan Dayan
  • Rabbi Yaakov Shulman, Menahel Beis Din
  • Rabbi Berish Welz, Dayan
  • Rabbi Yehoshua Grunwald, Dayan
  • Rabbi Yosef Chaim Perlman, Dayan
  • Rabbi Yitzchock Meir Pesach, Dayan
  • Rabbi Avrohom Yehoshua Kirsch, Dayan

Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum served as director.



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