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Iginniarfik is located in Greenland
Location within Greenland
Coordinates: 68°08′53″N 53°10′20″W / 68.14806°N 53.17222°W / 68.14806; -53.17222Coordinates: 68°08′53″N 53°10′20″W / 68.14806°N 53.17222°W / 68.14806; -53.17222
State  Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent country  Greenland
Municipality Qaasuitsup-coat-of-arms.svg Qaasuitsup
Population (2010)
 • Total 88
Time zone UTC-03
Postal code 3955 Kangaatsiaq

Iginniarfik is a village in the municipality of Qaasuitsup, in western Greenland. Its population was 88 in 2010.[1]


Main article: Iginniarfik Heliport

Air Greenland serves the village as part of government contract, with winter-only helicopter flights from Iginniarfik Heliport to Ikerasaarsuk Heliport and Kangaatsiaq Heliport.[2] Settlement flights in the Aasiaat Archipelago are unique in that they are operated only during winter and spring.

During summer and autumn, when the waters of Disko Bay are navigable, communication between settlements is by sea only, serviced by Diskoline.[3] The ferry links Iginniarfik with Kangaatsiaq, Attu, Ikerasaarsuk, Niaqornaarsuk, and Aasiaat.


The population of Iginniarfik has been stable in the last two decades.[4]

Iginniarfik population dynamics
Iginniarfik population growth dynamics in the last two decades. Source: Statistics Greenland[4]


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