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Archbishop Igino Eugenio Cardinale (born 14 October 1916 - died 24 March 1983) Was a titular archbishop of Nafta, Tunisia and apostolic nuncio to Belgium and Luxembourg.

He was ordained a priest on 13 July 1941 and ordained bishop on 20 October 1963. He served as apostolic delegate to Great Britain in 1963-1969, and as nuncio to Belgium and Luxemburg in 1969-1983. He served as apostolic nuncio to the European Community 1970-1983. Since 1963, he bore the title of Titular Archbishop of Nepte (Nafta, Tunisia).

He was the author of a book on Vatican honorary decorations.


  • Hyginus Eugene Cardinale, Orders of Knighthood, Awards and the Holy See, 3rd edition, edited and revised by Peter Bander van Duren (Buckinghamshire, Van Duren, 1985)

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