Iglesia Department

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Departamento Iglesia
location of Departamento Iglesia in San Juan Province
location of Departamento Iglesia in San Juan Province
Coordinates: 30°11′S 69°09′W / 30.183°S 69.150°W / -30.183; -69.150
Country Argentina
Established November 15, 1851
Seat Rodeo
 • Total 19 km2 (7 sq mi)
 • Total 6.737 (2,001 census [INDEC])
Demonym(s) iglesiano/a
Postal Code 5400
Area Code 0264

Iglesia is a department of the province of San Juan (Argentina). It is located in the northwest corner of this province, which is predominantly a landscape of mountains, hills and valleys with substantial vegetation. Iglesia has become one of the most visited departments in the province, particularly around Rodeo.


Nearly 30 percent of the cultivated area of the department is dedicated to logging. Next in importance, in terms of the number of hectares are pasture and seeds (garlic, beans, lettuce, onions, peas). The fruit, cereals, vegetables and aromatic have, on tracts cultivated a minor. Local farmers also breeding of goats and sheep on the grassland.

The existence of significant gold resources and argentíferos in the Cordillera iglesiana led to the installation of the Veladero mine, which began production in 2005. Located 375 kilometers from the city of San Juan, the project is run by Minera Argentina Gold (MAGSA), a subsidiary of the company Barrick Gold.

Coordinates: 30°11′S 69°09′W / 30.183°S 69.150°W / -30.183; -69.150